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A Love So Beautiful – K-drama Full Season 1 Review

A 24-episode Korean Netflix Original collection proven regionally on Kakao TV (KST), A Love So Beautiful is a excessive college story that follows its characters thru to adulthood. Sweet love-triangled viewing, it elements an attractive solid and a easy storyline.

The story revolves round inelegant but endearing Shin Sol-I, who has one want – to attain the coronary heart of her neighbour and infatuation, Cha Heon. He, targeted and studious, has different priorities.

The opening scene exhibits an person Sol-I recalling recollections of following Heon around, inflicting him bother and normally playing her faculty days with besties Ha-Young, Jin-Hwan and super-star swimmer Dae-Sung, who in flip has a crush on Sol-I. Focused on the push-pull of relationships and a on the whole desirable persona build, A Love So Beautiful (ALSB) is an convenient watch.

Short and sharp 21-25 minute installments sense efficient, for the most phase zeroing in on the characters’ feelings and interactions and leaving out the extraneous. Occasionally it falls off the rails, reverting to slipping thru a chronology of ‘stuff’ from the unique work. These handful of episodes sincerely don’t land. Generally though, there’s a improvement to watch and sincerely an arc in self-expression.

So Joo-Yeon performs Sol-I and can additionally be viewed in dramas Lovestruck in the City (Netflix), Dr Romantic two (Viki), and numerous others. With a face full of emotion and sincerity, she leads the story making us root for her in her pursuit of the unreachable Heon.

Kim Yo-Han (Yohan), a member of man crew WEi, is Heon. He’s seemed on range suggests and cameoed in Zombie Detective (Ep 1), however this is his first foremost role. He’s slated to show up in School 2021 in August too. At solely 21, round 5 years youthful than the different key forged members, he succeeds in carrying his three-eighths of the story. As the aloof and targeted Heon, he offers us simply adequate to suppose perhaps he’s really worth Sol-I’s efforts.

Yeo Hoe-Hyun is Dae-Sung, one of the extra skilled actors on set. He seems in a plethora of content material from Reply 1988 (Viki, Netflix), to Marry Me Now (Viki), Leverage, and more. As Sol-I’s pal by and large hiding his pastime in her, he’s full of allure and surprises, showing an earnestness absolutely in tune with his competitive-level swimming persona.

Jin-Hwan is performed by way of singer/rapper Jung Jin-Hwan who additionally seems in Gaduri Restaurant (Viki) and Fix You (Viki). Another speedy pal and without end silly, Jin-Hwan brings the exciting to the crew as each jester and tour leader.

Jo Hye Joo performs bestie Ha-Young and additionally seems in drama Just One Bite (Seasons 1 and 2) and film Wedding. She additionally makes a quick look in The Man Standing Next. She’s the sensible to Sol-I’s whimsy. This persona begins robust however finishes disappointingly – as a student, she had a lot to say and options (often violent ones) all around. Then she turns quiet. An early check-out as she will become an adult, we comprehend nearly nothing about her different than friends, husband and fleeting hobby in the stars.

The story traverses a long time 16-30 and whilst the excessive faculty stuff feels spot-on, the transition to maturity is a little rockier. In fairness, none of them have cracked thirty yet, so perhaps a stretch and felt much less realistic. Yet whilst the Chinese model included the identical length with equally younger actors, they someway managed that bridge a little extra smoothly.

Director Seo Min-Jung before led rom-com drama Gaduri Restaurant (Viki) and university romance Drunk in Good Taste additionally pairing with screenwriter Jang Yoo Yun. Choi Yoo Jung moreover shares writing credit for ALSB.

Production is herbal and straightforward; a distinction to the over-produced Live On, which ran on a competing community crossing over some of the identical weeks. ALSB offers us greater of an chance to get to comprehend the characters. Beautifully shot and cleverly edited, revealing plot factors in a herbal glide.

Where they drop the ball is in making an attempt to pack in facts that’s genuine to the supply cloth however no longer key to the story they set out to tell. What starts as a active emotive glide once in a while receives misplaced in the tick containers instead than sharing the feels. This is solely for three to 4 episodes out of 24 however disconnects us from the narrative every time. It doesn’t break the story however does stand out.

The song is well-matched however they tuck the theme tune into a few too many places, so it’s a bit worn-out via the time we arrive at the show-stopping wedding ceremony dance. Now that dance – genuinely cute. And our idol Yohan excelled. But it stands out as out of persona for Heon. I get the temptation to make the most of the brain on hand however it looks greater like a danger to exhibit off alternatively than a herbal progression. Looking again at Episode 2, the karaoke snippet is tons extra on factor with the persona.

A Love So Beautiful is primarily based on the novel To Our Pure Little Beauty with the aid of Zhao Qianqian and a 2017 Chinese collection A Love So Beautiful (Netflix). If you like the vibe, Zhao Qianqian additionally wrote the novel Put Your Head on My Shoulder, tailored as a Chinese collection of the equal identify (Netflix).

Because of the proximity to the Chinese drama, one can’t assist however examine them. I didn’t love the 2017 series, in the main due to the fact Jiang Chen (the Heon personality performed by using Hu Yitian) is such a jerk. I conflict to see what Xiaoxi (the Sol-I performed through Shen Yue) sees in him. Even when he shares his feelings, it left me cold. So, I’m pleasantly amazed to see this alternate and extra desirable view.

That’s the place the 2020 new release hits it challenging – every personality is so earnest and sincere. Even when Heon is strolling away from Sol-I, his smile is fond. Where Jiang Chen seemed like he was once mocking. Fans had some top remarks related to this show, which you can sincerely examine HERE

No monsters, no stabbings, no lethal infections; A Love So Beautiful is a stress-free hit of excessive faculty silliness and an enticing love story. No warfare required. It efficaciously brings again reminiscences of the giddy feeling of a excessive faculty crush. And as pretty a candy coming-of-age drama, it substances adequate of a wrap-up to experience satisfying. Compared to Live On there’s loads greater emotion to embrace.

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