Abusive language’, ‘Hot News

尹 ‘Abusive language’, ‘Hot News’ from worldwide media such as CBS-Bloomberg in the US and TBS in Japan

[Good Morning Chungcheong = Seoul Reporter Jung Moon-young] On the 22nd, the presidential office said, ” It is very inappropriate to link any private remarks to diplomatic achievements . ” “It is quite regrettable to mention the diplomatic disaster in such a case,” he said.

However, President Yoon’s inappropriate remarks have already become ‘ spoiled water ‘. It is currently unpredictable how the repercussions of irreversible and fatal remarks will play out in South Korea-U.S. diplomatic relations.

On the 22nd, CBS, one of the three largest airwaves in the United States, published a headline titled ” South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s profanity -laced hot mic criticism of US goes viral ” with a headline. came to criticism. Bloomberg News in the US was no exception.

For reference, the expression ‘hot mic’ refers to ‘ an incident that becomes a problem when exposed while speaking without knowing whether a recorder is nearby or the microphone is large ‘.

CBS reported on the same day that ” President Yoon, who is struggling with a record low approval rating, is again in trouble with his disparaging remarks about the United States ,” and pointed out the inappropriate remarks aimed at President Biden and US lawmakers.

President Yoon’s words, ” How could Biden not lose damn face if these f****rs do not pass it in Congress? “translated into English.

The media quoted a comment from a Korean netizen saying, “ The president’s words and deeds are the national dignity of the country, ” and soon after the YouTube video was posted, the number of views exceeded 2 million, and “ these f**** rs) ” was reported to be the number one search term on Twitter in Korea.

“South Korea is an important security ally of the United States, and Washington has approximately 27,000 troops stationed in South Korea to counter a nuclear-armed North Korea,” he said . committed, ” he recalled.

In particular, “This mistake came a few days after I was recently criticized for not citing the late Queen Elizabeth II on the grounds of ‘ traffic congestion ‘.” summoned together.

Then, citing the remarks of the Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun, he recalled that “President Yoon caused a diplomatic disaster with his abusive language that denigrated the US Congress. ”

Meanwhile, TBS, a Japanese private broadcaster, criticized President Yoon by mobilizing the Japanese word for ‘ Yaro ‘ . This word is used to swear at men , and it is interpreted in the Japanese dictionary to mean ‘the bastard, the bastard, the bastard, the twins, the crazy, the idiot, the fang , the bastard, the yo, the gnome’.

President Yoon’s words and actions have emerged as a hot issue in the world, including the United States and Japan, paying attention to the news.

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