Ahn Seong-joon appears on ‘National Singing Contest

Songhae’s friend’ Ahn Seong-joon appears on ‘National Singing Contest’… what song?

Trot singer Ahn Seong-jun will appear in the South Seas episode of KBS 1TV’s ‘National Singing Contest’, which will be aired on the 31st. According to News 1 on the 18th, Ahn Sung-joon appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Thank You Songhae’ as a friend of Song-hae, and it is said that he had a memory of forming a relationship with Song-hae, so he went on the stage of the ‘National Singing Contest’ with an unusual mindset. 

On this day, Ahn Sung-joon performed ‘Shoot’ and received a big applause from the audience for his unique energetic stage. Then, he raised the mood with the encore song ‘Oppa is a geek’. Ahn Sung-joon is meeting viewers through various broadcasts and events. Recently, he appeared on JTBC’s ‘Different Class’ and showed off his witty talk. He is also being invited to various local events such as ‘Namwon Chunhyang Festival’ and ‘Cherry Blossom Festival’ and is decorating the stage, and is scheduled to meet fans through the ‘Jangheung Water Festival’ on the 31st.

Go Hyun-jung, sent a coffee truck to her ex-husband… “Thanks for a gift like an oasis”

Actress Go Hyun-jung gave Choi Won-young a coffee car as a gift. Choi Won-young posted a post on her social network service (SNS) account on her last 16 days, “A gift like an oasis during her all-day filming. Thank you, senior.” In the photo in her post, Wonyoung Choi is posing in front of a coffee car sent by Hyunjung Go. On the coffee car, the words ‘Fighting actor Choi Won-young, always cool! Go Hyun-jung’s dream’. The two worked together as a couple in the JTBC drama ‘People Like You’, which aired last year. Currently, Choi Won-young takes on the role of King Lee Ho in tvN’s new drama ‘Shuruop’.

Yoona Lim, terminally ill with lymphoma… To Lee Jong-suk, “I hope to be a good big mouse”

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouse’, which is scheduled for its final episode on the 17th, once again broke its own record with an audience rating of 12.4% in the metropolitan area and 12.3% nationwide. In particular, the scene where Go Mi-ho (Lim Yoon-ah), who is fighting the disease, looks at Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) asleep, soars to a maximum of 14% per minute, moving viewers. 

On this day’s broadcast, Park Chang-ho and Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon) rushed towards the end of the election, preparing for the final blow towards each other. In the funeral home of Chairman Kang (Jeon Kuk-hwan), who was killed by his own hands, Choi Do-ha, who was proudly serving as a permanent resident, manipulated even the will and took all of his shares, confidently establishing himself as the head of the NR forum. 

Here, he gave up running for the National Assembly and declared an all-out war against the Park Chang-ho and Ko Mi-ho couple while re-challenging for the Gucheon mayor election. Thanks to the endless support of Gong Ji-hoon (Yang Kyung-won), who became empty due to Choi Do-ha’s trick, Park Chang-ho made a desperate determination, saying, “We must make this election into Choi Do-ha’s grave.”

 As Choi Do-ha, who has been serving as the mayor of Gucheon, has received enthusiastic support from the citizens, difficulties are expected in Park Chang-ho’s challenge to the mayor of Gucheon. To make matters worse, his wife, Gomi Ho, who was a strong supporter, was diagnosed with acute leukemia, and the future of the Big Mouse family was covered by a huge dark cloud. Now Miho Ko, who has decided to hide it in order to complete the election, which is considered one of her strong candidates, calmly encouraged her, saying, “I want you to be a good big mouse.”

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