Alchemy of Souls (2022)

This is fantastic news for Netflix users, who have helped Alchemy of Souls become one of the season’s most well-liked weekly releases since its debut on June 18, 2022. The series had been seen for a total of 91,810,000 million hours as of August 7th, 2022. By the following batch of weekly statistics, we anticipate that the number of hours watched will surpass 100 billion.

It tells the tale of an elite assassin named Naksu, whose spirit becomes unintentionally imprisoned inside the frail body of Mu Deok, the servant of the country’s most prominent and aristocratic family and Jiang Uk. Jung Uk, the youthful master of the Jang Family, is hiding a shocking fact about his birth. He desires the deadly assassin’s assistance in altering his fate.


News about Part 2 prompted a response from “Alchemy of Souls” on tvN.

“Alchemy of Souls” is a brand-new fantasy romantic drama on tvN that has been produced by a renowned screenwriting group known as the Ling Twins and therefore is set in the fictional country of Daeho, which does not appear in annals or on maps. In the drama, characters’ fortunes are warped as a result of sorcery that swaps people’s souls.

Spoilers and opinions about episodes 19 and 20
Naksu and Jang Uk discuss their options for the ice stone.
Cheonbugwan and Park Jin start to argue.
Anyone else who recognizes Jang Gang can see this face.
The identity of the Queen is revealed.

A source from “Alchemy of Minds” responded to the rumors, commenting, “It is hard to confirm the specifics linked to Part 2 because it might be a spoiler for Part 1 that is presently being shown.”

Alchemy of Souls

“We beg for your understanding as we’re unable to tell you whether she’ll be in Part 2 or not since it might be a spoiler for Part 1,” Blossom Entertainment, the agency representing Jung So Min, said. A similar view was conveyed by MMA, an agency of Go Yoon Jung.

Additionally, the agency reiterated this in a statement provided to media outlets on August 2. We intend to assist Jung So Min in her endeavors so that she may keep developing her full potential as an actor whose future endeavors are eagerly awaited. Please give Jung So Min your support and attention, they requested.


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