Alchemy of Souls

Alchemy of Souls – K-Drama Episode 20 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

What happens between Park Jin and Maidservant Kim?

Episode 20 of Alchemy of Souls begins this season finale with Park Jin on foot with Maidservant Kim. She displays she’d like to remain in a comfortable residence with her husband, carrying a small garden. Park Jin guarantees to seem for that genuine residence for her and present it to her on her wedding ceremony day. He brings up how Master Lee is genuinely her suitor however Kim is incredulous over how silly the chief is being.

“You’re the one I have emotions for!” She blurts out, as Park Jin is startled that he overlooked this. Park Jin tries to proper these wrongs however Kim rushes away, the phrase “lovingly” echoing in Park Jin’s mind.

When she heads home, Jang-Uk finds her crying and listens to her woes. However, he additionally turns it spherical with some excellent news, revealing he’s going to be getting married soon. As he mentions his bride will be Mu-Deok, Kim is started up and bites down on her handkerchief.

Even Lady Heo has made peace with the thinking of Jang-Uk being with Mu-Deok, believing she by no means without a doubt had a threat subsequent to her.

What does Jin-Mu intend to do next?

Meanwhile, Jin-Mu continues to scheme, doing his first-rate to persuade the Crown Prince to group up with him. The Prince is rapid to factor out that Jang-Uk has misplaced all of his strength and that, coupled with public opinion swinging towards him being the one to conjure the King’s Star, capability he’ll civilly decline. That is, till the slippery mage tells him that Jang-Uk ought to nicely be hiding his power.

With the Crown Prince conflicted, Jin-Mu duties these in Cheonbugwan to convey him the Queen’s soul potions and the divination bells. Now, the latter truely belonged to Shaman Choi and may want to properly be instrumental in Jin-Mu’s closing gamble. He intends to make the soul shifters go on a rampage by way of ringing the bells. In doing so, this would in fact make Jang-Uk’s strength with the ice stone come forth.

Ho-Gyeong waits for Woo-Tak to awaken, who’s virtually nonetheless alive after stabbing himself in the intestine remaining episode. She’s now not precisely in the forgiving temper and tells him she hopes he’s in pain after what he’s carried out to their family. Tears silently fall from Woo-Tak’s face.

Does Jin-Mu learn the truth about Mu-Deok’s identity?

Although Yul is on the mend, he’s nonetheless experiencing pain. Now, the root motive of this is the blood parasite that So-I put internal him. So-i mulls this over and talks to herself, hoping that Yul takes the medication in Jinyowon to relive the pain.

Meanwhile, Park Jin stops through to see Maidservant Kim earlier than she leaves, providing his hand – and some seeds – as a gesture that he’s inclined to wait with her. Kim gladly holds his hand and decides to “walk at his pace” going forward, solidifying the pair’s blossoming romance. Master Lee watches from afar and decides to go away them be. Unfortunately, he ends up crying his eyes out as a result, heartbroken over these flip of events.

As for Park Jin, he realizes Jin-Mu is aware of all about Jang Gang’s previous and decides the solely answer is to have him killed. Of course, we recognize that he’s about to launch a diabolical sketch to thwart the upcoming wedding. Not solely that however Jin-Mu begins to put all the portions collectively and realizes that Mu-Deok is honestly Naksu. Will Mu-Deok succumb to the bells and run wild?

Meanwhile, Ho-Gyeong confronts So-I after her lies whilst she’s rooting round in Jinyowon. She contemplates killing her however So-I makes use of the blindfold as a way of maintaining herself alive, refusing to inform her the place Bu-Yeon is till she’s assured her personal safety. For now, she receives away. So-I subsequently smuggles the remedy to Yul to assist him with his pain.

Does the Crown Prince work with Jin-Mu?

On the eve of Dang-Gu’s huge wedding, the Crown Prince tells Mu-Deok precisely what he thinks of her, leaving matters on a alternatively bitter notice after hoping that she and Jang-Uk go away a ways away so he can’t occur his sick emotions towards them. Unfortunately, Jin-Mu makes use of this to his gain and encourages the Crown Prince to make Jang-Uk hit rock bottom.

In the morning, Dang-Gu and Cho-Yeon’s wedding ceremony goes in advance however there are, of course, nonetheless combat between Ho-Gyeong and Park Jin. Mu-Deok is nowhere to be located either, given she’s fallen below the have an impact on of Jin-Mu’s sorcery. Unfortunately, she kills a quantity of sorcerers guarding Woo-Tak earlier than going after the primary man.

Cho-yeon indicates up in her bridal equipment and tries to end Mu-Deok however it’s no good. The murderer is too powerful. Dang-Gu tries to interject too however it’s too late, Mu-Deok kills Woo-Tak, proper this time it seems.

Does Mu-Deok go on a murderous rampage?

“Kill these who murdered your father,” Echoes the voice of Jin-Mu, as Mu-Deok finds herself on the cusp of going on a murderous rampage. Armed with the bells, Jin-Mu heads in to see Park Jin and warns that Naksu is on the rampage. We see the horrifying strength of this mage as Naksu takes out a quantity of mages with ease.

Park-Jin indicates with his bow and fires a magical arrow her way… till Jang-Uk steps up and cease the blow. Park Jin strikes it at the remaining 2nd however Jang-Uk opens himself up for Mu-Deok stabbing him thru the gut.

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