All of Us Are Dead

The Underlying Themes You May Not Expect in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

Zombies, bullies, AND social commentary can all be observed in the Netflix hit series.

Though zombie flicks and TV collection have been performed many times, Korean drama All of Us Are Dead breathes new lifestyles into the genre. Like its K-drama predecessor Squid Game, it is slowly however actually made its way to the pinnacle spot on Netflix. However, this collection is greater than your common zombie outbreak trope.

At its heart, All of Us Are Dead makes some serious commentary on ultra-modern conditions now not solely in high school, however society as a whole. This heart-thumping sequence gives commentary on bullying, cyberbullying, social media, backlash in opposition to refugees, and even the COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting outcomes on society — all contributing to a greater essential message in the back of the jump-scare moments and excessive school-based drama than you would expect.

The sequence opens with a team of young adults on a church rooftop, beating the crap out of a bad kid. That one heartless bully takes it too some distance and throws the child off the roof into an alley below. But no matter really damaged bones and what must be deadly injuries, the youngster doesn’t die. And accordingly starts this harrowing zombie tale.

There are some fascinating spiritual pictures here

For one, the first shot of Episode 1 is a neon go on pinnacle of the church, mirrored in a puddle, so the pass is certainly upside-down, a quintessential photograph of evil. Then, when the younger man’s father, Lee Byeong-chan (Kim Byeong-cheol), visits his son in the hospital, he shortly realizes that his son is no longer his son; he is, of course, the first sufferer of the zombie virus.

And what does Byeong-Chan discover to actually beat him into submission with? A Bible. The bullies are certainly the awful guys, however possibly once in a while these masquerading as the true guys are the ones you ought to fear about most. Alternatively, the use of the Bible as an assault weapon ought to additionally illustrate that Byeong-Chan is a proper man at coronary heart who has made a terrible, highly-priced mistake.

As we analyze thru the route of the show

Byeong-chan is the creator of the virus that turns his son from a weakling who’s abused at the palms of classmates to a growling, screaming, contortionist zombie with a taste for nothing different than human flesh.

After college officers and even the police would do nothing to end the bullies, Byeong-chan took things into his personal hands, growing a serum he hoped would flip concern into rage, and assist his son eventually win. Clearly, he desired to make his son a super-soldier, no longer a senseless killer.

The bullying his son has persisted is intense. The bullies at Hyosan High School are relentless, tormenting the negative youngster each and every risk they get, to the factor he offers up all hope. It’s a startling depiction of how nonstop teasing can lead to disastrous consequences. In All of Us Are Dead, the tormented end up the monsters.

Byeong-chan’s son is not the solely one either

Eun-ji (Oh Hye-soo) is any other scholar focused with the aid of the identical crew and labeled a slut through her classmates. The unofficial chief of the gang, Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo), strips off her pinnacle and videos her, telling her he is going to ship the video to her mom, as nicely as the whole school. Later, after the outbreak has begun, Eun-ji exacts her revenge.

She will become contaminated with the virus

and like her chief tormentor, ends up evolving past a senseless zombie into some thing else entirely. She can nevertheless talk coherently, strategize, however in a way, she will become her personal model of a monster. It’s a unhappy flip of events, for these who are bullied to operate some of the identical unthinkable moves as their tormentors. Perhaps it is a declaration that no depend how right we are at heart, all of us can be pushed too far. And sometimes, there is no factor of return from that.

There are some clear nods to the occurrence of social media in our society, as well. The first component the college students strive to do is get someone’s cellphone or laptop to test out what humans are pronouncing on Facebook.

However, for the college students at Hyosan High, a cellphone cellphone is an precious commodity as soon as the outbreak starts, and they’re trapped in a school room with no way to talk to the backyard world. So, right here again, some thing that should be used for good, like social media, can regularly flip into some thing hazardous and damaging. Who cares how many likes a put up has when lives are at stake?

Speaking of how vital social media has emerge as to some individuals, Episode four introduces us to Orangejibberish, an outrageous YouTuber who sneaks into Hyosan and captures his complete harrowing journey on livestream.

Even whilst being chased by way of zombies, he reminds viewers (many of whom suppose the whole component is faked anyway) to like and subscribe to his posts. Needless to say, his battery in the end runs out, and he abandons the thinking of livestreaming in choose of dwelling to publish some other day.

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