Big success’ Kim Min-jae

Big success’ Kim Min-jae, AC Milan tied tight… GPA of 7.6 + the highest score in the team

[] Reporter Basion = Kim Min-jae performed outstandingly and contributed to Napoli’s five consecutive season wins and undefeated league streak. He especially proved that he was Napoli’s strong defensive wall by tying up Olivier Giroud.

AC Milan and Napoli played the Serie A round 7 match of the 2022/23 season at the San Siro Stadium on the 18th (local time). Napoli beat Milan 2-1 with goals from Politano and Simeone. Milan tried to counterattack with Giroud’s equalizer, but were blocked by Napoli’s high defensive wall and were unable to score.

It was a game where Kim Min-jae’s defensive ability stood out. Milan constantly threatened Napoli, but Kim Min-jae continued to play. In particular, Kim Min-jae had a lot of scenes where he faced Giroud, and he neatly blocked Giroud’s attack with a stable defense. Although Giroud scored in the second half, Minjae Kim stopped the attack without losing the match with Giroud until then.Main News | ” A collection of female celebrities who like””

Kim Min-jae cleared Giroud’s attack attempt early at the start of the match and blocked Milan’s decisive opportunity with a neat tackle in the 7th minute of the first half. Milan’s threat grew stronger, but Kim Min-jae was busy and blocked Milan’s counter-attacking opportunity. In the 15th and 20th minutes of the first half, Kim Min-jae gave no excuse for conceding in the competitive situation with Giroud.

Even into the second half, Kim Min-jae did not lose concentration. In the fifteenth minute of the second half, he headered a Milan shot and showed that he didn’t get pushed back in the fight even in contention. Six minutes of extra time was given in the second half, and Milan’s offensive continued until the end. Kim Min-jae made a significant contribution to the team’s victory by blocking Milan’s last attack.

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It was a difficult match, but Napoli got 3 points that were pleasant to play, and Kim Min-jae was at the center of it. His high ratings were a natural result. After the match, soccer statistics media ‘Sofa Score’ gave Min-jae Kim a rating of 7.6. The highest score on the team. Politano, who scored the first goal, scored 7.5 points, while Rachmani and Lobotska both received 7.2 points.

Another media outlet,, gave Minjae Kim a rating of 7.4. It’s the same score as Louis with an assist, and it’s also the team’s highest score.

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