Blitz announcement of Putin’s military

Blitz announcement of Putin’s military mobilization order, the first since World War II… China “appeals for a power outage” Britain “Russia global bullying

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization on the 21st.

In a televised address to the public on the same day, Putin said, “The military mobilization order is appropriate to protect the motherland, sovereignty and territory, and to ensure the safety of our people in the ‘free territory’.”

‘Liberated territories’ refer to occupied territories in eastern and southern Ukraine.

“The relevant presidential decrees have been signed, and mobilization measures will begin today (21st),” Putin said. He added that “(after active duty) he is discussing partial mobilization, where only citizens on reserve service are subject to conscription.”

In this regard, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that 300,000 reserve forces would be conscripted.

Putin’s speech today was pre-recorded.

■ ‘Military operation’ → ‘War’ concept conversion

In the meantime, Russian authorities have referred to the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 as a ‘special military operation’ and procured troops through volunteers and mercenaries.

President Putin’s announcement of the mobilization order this time can be interpreted as an acknowledgment that the present situation is at war.

It is the first time Russia has invoked a military mobilization order since World War II during the Soviet era.

Putin said in a speech on the 21st that “the partial mobilization order is completely in line with the threat we face”.

These comments are interpreted as a will to reverse the situation that is unfavorable to Russia as the Ukrainian army recently recaptured the Kharkiv region from the northern front and advanced from the south and east.

In addition, European media commented that it also contains the meaning of breaking through the situation in which Russia is in economic danger due to ongoing sanctions by the United States and Western countries and falling energy prices.

■ Contract-based military status and salary provision

On this day (21st), the Kremlin posted the details of the partial mobilization order on its website.

According to the post, mobilized Russian nationals are provided with contract military status and salaries.

The term of the contract is until the end of the mobilization order, with some exceptions. Exceptions were made when the maximum age for military service was reached, when a person was found not to be able to serve due to health reasons, or when he was sentenced to imprisonment at a trial.

■ Claims that the West is a nuclear threat

In a speech on the 21st, Putin said to Western countries that “all lines have been crossed with an aggressive anti-Russian policy” and insisted that the mobilization order was justified.

It also claimed that the West poses a nuclear threat to Russia.

Putin said, “I want to remind those who say that Russia also has a variety of means of destruction,” Putin said.

The West has also accused Ukraine of risking a “nuclear catastrophe” by allowing Ukrainian forces to attack the Russian-controlled Zaporiza nuclear power plant.

“If Russia’s integrity is threatened, we will certainly use all available means to protect Russia and its people,” he added.

■ Confirmation of the start of the process of incorporation into Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Putin has also confirmed plans to start a referendum this week for four regions of Ukraine to annex Russia and has said he will support the outcome.

“Russia will support the decisions made by the people of Donbas, Zaporiza and Kherson,” Putin said.

Most of Ukraine’s Kherson and Luhansk Oblasts, as well as parts of Donetsk Oblast and Zaporiza Oblast. Will hold a referendum procedure for the incorporation of Russia for five days from the 23rd to the 27th.

In this regard, Ukrainian media explain that Russia is building a justification for the use of nuclear weapons.

This is because if the Ukrainian-occupied territories are defined as. Russian territory after the referendum, the Ukrainian army’s recovery operation against these areas can be claimed as a “threat to Russia’s integrity”.

■ Chinese government appeals for ‘blackout’

President Putin’s speech was criticized by major countries all at once.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement on the 21st that. “President Putin broke his promise not to issue a mobilization order and began to illegally annex Ukraine’s territory.” will,” he pointed out.

“No threats and propaganda can hide that Ukraine is winning the war,” he said. “The international community is united, and Russia is becoming a ‘global pariah’.”

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