Adidas hosts ‘2022 FW Members Week’

Adidas hosts ‘2022 FW Members Week’ full of member benefits [Consumerwide-Reporter Ha-Young Jang] Adidas will maintain ‘Adidas 2022 FW members Week’ from September 30th to October tenth, which offers advantages to membership contributors. This member’s week is held under the slogan ‘just have a laugh, we are all geeks’. in addition to sensible shopping advantages, adidas clubs such as rooftop birthday party held at Adidas Hongdae brand middle, models Seulgi Park, Heungdungi, AR (Adidas Runners) Seoul Captain Yeonjin Lee, and so on., yoga, HIIT (excessive intensity interval schooling, HIIT) running and lessons it will be filled … Read more

Uhm Jung-hwa

Uhm Jung-hwa “I’m scared of singing after thyroid cancer… Yoo Jae-suk, I’m impressed by paying for vocal lessons” Singer and actress Uhm Jung-hwa expressed her gratitude to broadcaster Yoo Jae-suk, saying that she was afraid to sing after battling thyroid cancer. Uhm Jung-hwa appeared on JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Hidden Singer 7’, which was broadcast on … Read more

SKT to start iPhone 14

SKT to start iPhone 14 series reservations from the 30th – Promotion of SKT 1334 brand ‘0’ benefits such as ‘0 CONCEPT special exhibition’ for customers who purchase iPhone 14 – Invitation of 50 pairs of iPhone 14 customers to ‘0, Begin Again’ concert with Dingo Music – Customers who purchase T Direct Shop, morning … Read more

The ‘bottom scenery

The ‘bottom scenery’ changed at Worlds, the utility pot goes and the tank pot comes  The ‘2022 LoL global Championship (Worlds)’ kicked off at the 30th. teams from around the sector who participated in the play-in degree on this day provided ban selections based on their interpretations of champions. amongst them, the topographical trade of the supporter position drew attention. utility–type support champions including ‘Lulu’ and ‘Yumi’, who had been strong at the bottom of the summer time, have been not visible, and tank-kind guide champions seemed as ordinary clients. In a complete of seven fits performed on that day, no team decided on a utility type supporter champion. ‘Leona’ belonging … Read more

Lee Eun-hae and Cho Hyun-soo

Lee Eun-hae and Cho Hyun-soo sentenced to life in prison… “Treat victims as prey” In 2019, Lee Eun-hae and her ex-boyfriend Cho Hyun-soo had been charged with the murder of her husband, 39-yr–vintage Yoon-mo, in a valley in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do. at the very last trial of the primary trial, the prosecution demanded life imprisonment for them. The prosecution defined that the essence of this case became that Lee Eun-hae and Cho … Read more

Namyangju re-appointed

Namyangju re-appointed as EXID’s Hyerin ambassador On the 29th, Namyangju re-appointed singer Hyerin, a member of singer EXID, who has been active as a public relations ambassador for the past two years, as a public relations ambassador.   Hyerin, who celebrated her 10th anniversary this year, has been active as an ambassador for Namyangju, promoting … Read more

iPhone 14 pre-order countdown

iPhone 14 pre-order countdown… Let’s know this in advance we’re recruiting for iPhone 14 pre-order tomorrow (30th) at 00:00. The simple models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, do no longer have any noticeable variations in comparison to the ‘13‘. The pinnacle models, iPhone 14 seasoned and seasoned Max, are superior in nearly all specs, along with chipset (A16), rear camera, AOD (usually On display), and dynamic island. demand seems to obviously shift to the latter. dynamic island ‘Dynamic Island’, which is curious approximately the way it surely works, is the biggest exchange you could discover within … Read more

Gyeonggi-do bus union

Gyeonggi-do bus union “Negotiation breakdown, strike from the first train today” 47 bus companies in Gyeonggi-do will go on strike today (30th) from the first car in the morning. The Gyeonggi Bus Labor Union Council, a workers’ group, announced that the labor dispute mediation meeting with the Gyeonggi Bus Transportation Business Association, which started at … Read more

Lotte Hi-Mart

“Lotte Hi-Mart, considering the worst operating performance and stock price, now is the bottom.” news today = Reporter Jang gained-soo] Heungkuk Securities stated on the 29th that Lotte hi-Mart might now not be able to escape from its sluggish overall performance in the interim. Park Jong-ryeol, a researcher at Heungkuk Securities, stated, “Lotte hi-Mart is expected to necessarily have sluggish profits momentum inside the fourth quarter due to weakening consumer sentiment due to excessive hobby fees, excessive exchange rates, and excessive inflation. scenario,” he said. photograph Park Jong-ryeol, a researcher at Lotte hello-Mart, stated, “Lotte hi-Mart’s income on a separate foundation in the 0.33 quarter fell eight.0% from the same length of the preceding 12 … Read more

SSG, LG lose side by side

SSG, LG lose side by side, Kiwoom, KT win chorus… ‘Going to the end’ (comprehensive) KIA with 3 straight wins, solidify 5th place ahead of 2.5 games… ‘Autumn Baseball’ looks like Buchanan’s 10 wins for 3 years in a row, Pirella’s 27th home run… Samsung overpowers NC even with the end line of the pennant race simply around … Read more

Former Gyeonggi Deputy Governor

Former Gyeonggi Deputy Governor Lee Hwa-young arrested on charges of bribery On the 28th, former Gyeonggi Peace Deputy Governor Lee Hwa-young, who was interested in politics as a suspect along the way to investigate Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was engulfed in various suspicions, was arrested on the 28th . … Read more

Namgoong-min and model Jin Ah-reum

Namgoong-min and model Jin Ah-reum are getting married on the 7th of next month Actor Nam Goong-min is getting married to model Jin Ah-reum. Namgoong-min’s agency, 935 Entertainment, issued an official statement on the 28th and said, “Actor Namgoong-min and his longtime lover, Jin Ah-reum, have come to bear the fruit of their long-standing love … Read more

Kakao Games Odin to introduce new class ‘Shield Maiden’

Kakao Games Odin to introduce new class ‘Shield Maiden’ Kakao Games (CEO Jo Gye-hyun) announced on the 28th that it has added the first new class, ‘Shield Maiden‘, to the masterpiece MMORPG ‘Odin: Valhalla Rising (hereinafter referred to as ‘Odin’) developed by Lionheart Studio (CEO Kim Jae-young).  ‘Shield Maiden‘, which appears this time, is a … Read more

Bithumb, the second-largest cryptocurrency

Bithumb, the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea due to Park Min-young’s dating rumors, suspicious governance structure ‘spark’ The complex structure of ‘Investment Union → Bucket → Inbiogen → Vident → Bithumb Holdings‘ is a hot topic in the club arena tied to Seungri, a wealthy man who is rumored to be dating. With reports that talent … Read more

Daejeon City Councilor

Daejeon City Councilor, Daejeon Hyundai Outlet Fire Disaster Site Inspection [Daejeon = News Free Zone] Reporter Il-hwan Kim = Daejeon City Council announced on the 27th that Daejeon city councilors will inspect the site of the large fire disaster at Hyundai Premium Outlet Daejeon on the 26th, Yongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu. A total of 8 people were … Read more

Busan International Film Festival’s

Busan International Film Festival’s ‘Neighborhood Neighborhood’ expands to 17 locations including the sea, temples and parks The Neighborhood Neighborhood of the Busan International Film Festival is back on a larger scale than last year. Neighborhood Bang Nebeef is a lifestyle-oriented, regionally-tailored film festival where the entire Busan area becomes a festival venue and enjoys film … Read more

KCC employees demand correction of TV Chosun score”

檢, on the search and seizure warrant “KCC employees demand correction of TV Chosun score” In the course of re-approval of comprehensive programming channels in 2020, we have already told you that some judges deliberately lowered the fairness evaluation score of TV Chosun through an audit by the Board of Audit and Inspection. In this regard, … Read more

Groo Han 9-year-old businessman husband

Groo Han, 9-year-old businessman husband and ‘consensual divorce’… Why after 7 years of marriage? Actor and singer Han Groo got divorced. It has been 7 years since they signed a 100-year relationship in November 2015. According to News 1 on the 27th, Han Groo recently divorced her husband by agreement. The exact reason for the breakup is … Read more

Don Spike arrested on drug charges

Don Spike, arrested on drug charges… “Possessing ‘1000 people’ methamphetamine” Famous composer Don Spike has been arrested for drug use. At the scene of the arrest, methamphetamine that can be administered to a thousand people was found. This is reporter Kim Chang-seop. [Report] Police officers get out of the van and inspect the surrounding buildings. We are … Read more

A man in his 20s who went missing at Gayang Station

“A man in his 20s who went missing at Gayang Station… Only the lower body was found in Ganghwa Island.” “A physique believed to be his youthful brother used to be located in Ganghwa Island, however it used to be now not determined completely.” A physique believed to be a 25-year-old male aunt who went lacking at Gayang Station final month used to be found. The Incheon Maritime Police Station stated on the 10th that a fisherman discovered a physique phase in the tidal flat close to Gwangseongbo … Read more

Rape of a Korean teenager

‘Rape of a Korean teenager’ Liberia official, local media reveals face The faces of two Liberian officers arrested on prices of raping two teenage center faculty ladies in Busan have been launched by way of neighborhood media. The Liberian media ‘Liberian Observer’ pronounced that “Liberian civil servants A in their 50s and B in their 30s are being investigated by means of the police on expenses of sexual assault of a minor in … Read more

Daejeon Hyundai Outlet fire

Daejeon Hyundai Outlet fire disaster kills 7, seriously injures 7 There used to be a huge fireplace at Daejeon Hyundai Outlet this morning and it went out in 7 hours. Firefighters had difficulties in rescuing lives due to the smoke, however solely seven human beings have been recognized so far. We will join with reporter Noh Do-il to locate out extra about the state of affairs on site. Reporter Doil Noh, is the rescue operation nonetheless ongoing? … Read more

Daejeon Hyundai Outlet fire

Daejeon Hyundai Outlet fire disaster kills 7, seriously injures 7 There used to be a huge fireplace at Daejeon Hyundai Outlet this morning and it went out in 7 hours. Firefighters had difficulties in rescuing lives due to the smoke, however solely seven human beings have been recognized so far. We will join with reporter Noh Do-il to locate out extra about the state of affairs on site. Reporter Doil Noh, is the rescue operation nonetheless ongoing? … Read more

BLACKPINK the first Korean girl

BLACKPINK, the first Korean girl group to top the Billboard main chart Girl crew Blackpink’s 2nd album ‘Born Pink’ topped the US Billboard fundamental album chart. She is the first Korean lady singer. With this, BLACKPINK grew to become the first Asian girl singer to dominate the UK and US file markets at the equal time. Correspondent Lee Jung-min. [Report] This is BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’ tune video, which reached a hundred million views … Read more

A quiet festival

A quiet festival? Reasons to trust and enjoy ‘Black Desert’ Pearl Abyss (CEO Jin-Young Heo) held an adventurer festival for the signboard game ‘Black Desert’. Black Desert users are called adventurers. The company prepared the ‘Heidel Banquet’, a user festival for the first time in three years, as an on-site event at the Paradise City Studio Paradise in … Read more

LoL Aphelios Appeared

[ER Talk!] Heize “LoL Aphelios Appeared in Eternal Return  Eternal Return new test subject ‘Heize’ Nimble Neuron’s survival battle arena ‘Eternal Return’ will release a new test subject ‘Heize’ on the 29th. Heize is an experimental object with the concept of a weapon dealer handling assault rifles. The key is to inflict massive damage after inflicting … Read more

Kim Jong-min and Kim Gyu-ri calculated meals

The reason why Kim Jong-min and Kim Gyu-ri calculated meals → Heo Kyung-hwan and Kim Jun-ho cause jealousy (comprehensive) Kim Jong-min revealed the reason for calculating the cost of meals for Kim Gyu-ri and his party. On SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ broadcast on the 25th, singer Kim Jong-min visited actor Kim Gyu-ri’s studio. On … Read more

Electronic Display Board

The players also focused on the electronic display board, ‘interest baptism’ at the other stadium in Pujols’ record The great record achieved by only three players in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB) until last year has finally found the fourth protagonist. This was also of interest to other stadiums that had nothing to do … Read more