Coldplay tickets

Coldplay tickets

Coldplay announces new 2023 UK tour dates — here’s how to get tickets today

Tickets for Coldplay’s massive Cardiff performance go on sale today.

As the band gears up to make a return to Wales as part of their Music of the Spheres World Tour in the summer of 2023, fans will be able to purchase tickets starting at 10 am.

Around the a.m. of Thursday, tickets for the Coldplay concerts, which are scheduled to take place in May and June of next year, were available online.

The auction took place not long after the recent run of Coldplay concerts in the UK, which drew thousands of fans.
We frequently witness unofficial resellers selling tickets for a profit, but if you want to do so, remember that the name on the ticket and your ID must match.

If you are checked and your results are different, they may forbid you from entering the stadium.

I’d suggest the following official resale sites for Coldplay: Ticket Factory, SeeTickets, and MasterTicket

More than 500,000 people entered the line for the Manchester performances today, while another 300,000 people are waiting online for the Cardiff performances.

Fans revealed on social media that they spent hours waiting in long lines in the hopes of getting a ticket, but were disappointed when they sold out.

On June 6 of the following year, Christ Martin, Jonny Buckland on guitar, Guy Berryman on bass, and Would Champion on drums will perform at the Principality Stadium.

On July 13 as well as 7, band leader Chris Martin will perform at Cardiff’s Principality Venue alongside guitarist Jonny Wright, frontman Dude Berryman, drummer Will Champion, and executive producer Phil Harvey. On May 31, June 1, June 3, and June 4, they might well perform at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium for three nights.

The band performed extensively in the UK this summer, playing numerous nights at Wembley before going on to Glasgow’s Hampden Park. ‘FOR NOTHING’ Coldplay tickets fury after fans miss out on entry to band’s 2023 shows – despite spending ALL DAY in queue

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