Democratic lawmakers pressured Jo Jung-hoon with ‘historical responsibility’

Democratic lawmakers pressured Jo Jung-hoon with ‘historical responsibility’

In addition, the Democratic Party lawmakers are stressing the ‘historical responsibility’ and ‘reflecting how he became a member of the National Assembly’, and are putting pressure on Cho Jung-hoon, a member of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly, who said he opposes the ‘Kim Gun-hee Special Prosecution Act’.

Since he entered the National Assembly as a satellite party of the Democratic Party, it is an invitation to give up his convictions for the Democratic Party.Rep. Park Beom-gye, the Democratic Party’s ‘Chairman for the Political Repression of the Yoon Seok Passion regime’, said in a radio interview with KBS on the 14th, “When the Judiciary Committee opens, we meet in the morning and evening. Will it help (I don’t know)” he said. Rep.

Park also said, “I want you to look back at how Rep. Cho got into the National Assembly.” After being elected as the proportional representative of the Democratic Party’s proportional satellite party, the Citizens’ Party, in the 2020 general election, Rep. Cho was expelled to change the era. However, recently, Rep. Cho opposes the special prosecutor Kim Gun-hee’s law, saying, “If the special prosecutor (Kim Geon-hee) is promoted, it will eat up all issues of livelihood.” If Rep.

Cho opposes it, it will be a hindrance to the National Assembly Judiciary Committee’s handling of the Special Prosecution Act as an expedited agenda item.

Other Democratic lawmakers are also joining in the pressure of Rep. Cho. Rep. Kang Deuk-gu said, “If it’s rare to attack someone else’s wife, what did you do when prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol indiscriminately attacked the wife of former Minister Cho Kuk?” High Commissioner Jang Kyung-tae also mentioned the opposition of Rep.

Cho’s special prosecution law the day before and said, “It seems difficult for [Rep. Cho] to bear the historical responsibility alone because it is also an act of sympathy to allow the unfair investigation to continue.”



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