Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 1

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 1 Review – An extraordinary K-drama with ordinary moving parts

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an remarkable K-drama with an everyday ending and cliched shifting parts. Boasting exemplary acting, some stable instances and a adorable team of characters, this K-drama exploded in reputation over the weeks that it aired. Starting with a measly 0.9% share of nationwide watchers, Attorney Woo ended its remaining episode with a 17.5% share, now not to point out magnificent numbers of human beings observing round the world thanks to Netflix.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t deliver this up however it’s necessary to notice for Attorney Woo due to the fact in many ways, this vast attraction is each a effective and poor for this drama. On the one hand, extra eyeballs on a challenge is in no way a terrible thing. On the different hand, that brought strain and expectation to deliver, specifically at some stage in the latter episodes of filming after such a precise reception, can from time to time make or damage a series. And unfortunately, that feels like the case for this one.

Don’t get me wrong, Attorney Woo is a exciting watch however the effervescent subplots, working alongside the distinct instances every week, subsequently peter out and cave in with some unresolved conflicts and a alternatively rushed closing few chapters to attempt and wrap the entirety up in a neat little bow.

Brought to lifestyles via the magnificent overall performance of Park Eun-Bin, the exhibit facilities on 27 12 months historical Woo Young-Woo, who graduated pinnacle of her category at each university and regulation school. Her stunning reminiscence and notion method are solely held lower back by using one factor – she’s identified with autism spectrum disorder. Struggling in social interactions, Young-Woo tries to navigate the highs and lows of regulation thru her work at Hanbada Law Firm.

Spread throughout 16 episodes, the sequence surely juggles episodic instances with a longer walking plot-line, with quite a few distinctive subplots sprouting throughout the run-time from that. The predominant center of attention right here is, largely, on the exclusive instances and there’s a right deal of correct regulation drama put into this. The essential subplot that then blossoms from this is a will they/won’t they romance with workplace heartthrob Jun-Ho.

Around that is a long-running saga involving Young-Woo’s parentage. It’s rumoured that she ought to nicely be the daughter to Tae Su-Mi, the potential candidate about to take a huge position in the front of the public.

Coinciding with this is drama involving Min-Woo, a attorney who doesn’t take kindly to the perceived preferential cure Young-Woo is receiving at the firm. There’s some other subplot involving Myeong-Seok’s fitness and wife, whilst Su-Yeon is determined for romance.

All of these problems in reality bubble up throughout the episodes, with some even teased as massive bouts of drama at the give up of every chapter. Unfortunately, they’re sprung out for so lengthy that by using the time the closing week of episodes crop up, Extraordinary Attorney Woo throws in a couple of longer run-times to attempt and hurriedly tie the whole thing collectively with a neat little bow. And personally, I don’t assume it pretty works.

The different trouble with this show,

and possibly it’s extra of a private gripe than some thing else, is the way the collection depends so closely on “lightbulb” moments to get to the bottom of its more challenging cases. Young-Woo is a girl truely obsessed with whales and this vegetation up in humorous methods throughout every episode. However, Young-Woo has a tendency to abruptly make a breakthrough, whole with seeing dolphins or whales, earlier than coming to a conclusion that wins the day. While I do admire the exhibit is immediately about her, it once in a while feels like a lower priced “get out of penitentiary free” card to use.

Thankfully the collection receives round that by way of inclusive of some morally ambiguous instances and some subjective endings.

Sometimes Young-Woo finds herself on the incorrect facet of the ethical compass, defending some instead shady characters. Other instances the authentic decision – like a younger man kidnapping a bus full of children to let them have a right time away from the stresses of a draconian college – is possibly to spark fierce debate on each facets of the argument.

Take nothing away from the characters and appearing right here though,

due to the fact each these factors are fantastic. I cited Eun-Bin before however the entirety from her mannerisms to customary demeanour is virtually on the money. She’s so correct in her position that it’s challenging now not to be impressed. This female is a hundred percent in line for some Baeksang Awards subsequent year!

With all that said, Extraordinary Attorney Woo isn’t the first-class regulation drama out there and in many ways, its ending is disappointingly perfunctory. However, the exhibit does manipulate to raise its fabric with a notable ensemble of likable characters and a stable premise. This is honestly a thinking frightening drama all the equal and effortlessly one of the higher K-dramas launched this year.

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