Goods One Chu

Job Korea launches ‘Goods One Chu’, a collaboration promotion with Jikkechu

Daily Post=Reporter Kwak Min-gooㅣThe employment platform Job Korea and the YouTube channel ‘Keep Yourself’ carry out a joint promotion.

Job Korea announced on the 19th that, “If you visit the Job Korea app by the 9th of next month and participate in the ‘Goods One Chu’ event, you can receive character goods jointly planned by Job Korea and Jiji Chu.”

The goods planned by Job Korea and Jijichu are composed of a desk pad, cushion, and key ring engraved with Job Korea family brand characters such as Job Korea, Albamon, and Geekmon.

To participate in the event, you can watch the video of ‘Keep Chew, Job Korea Intern Experience’, which tells the story of how the goods were made, select the product you want to receive, and click the Apply button. After that, a total of 600 people will be given goods through a lottery. The winner will be announced through the Job Korea announcement on October 13th.

A Job Korea official said, “To support members who are tired of job preparation and work life, we have planned an intern experience video with the popular web entertainment Jijichu.” “After watching the video, you can receive limited edition goods through simple event participation We hope that many members of Job Korea will participate.”

On the other hand, Guard Chu is a web entertainment broadcast on YouTube with 1.13 million subscribers. It contains various activities and experience contents of Chu.

Krafton ‘Battleground’, ‘Deston’ map improved through 19.2 update

Daily Post = Reporter Kwak Min-gooㅣKrafton ‘PUBG: Battleground’ (hereinafter ‘Battleground’) has opened the 19.2 update contents.

Crafton has added new vehicles and features to provide a more special experience to users who enjoy the ‘Battleground’ Deathton map.

Unlike the friendly exterior, the new vehicle ‘Food Truck’ has excellent durability with high stamina of 3000 HP and can be used for various strategies as it can ride up to 4 people. If you use the horn, a dedicated melody is played, making the sound fun.

The ‘weather change’ function was also newly applied to create a realistic sense of time and atmosphere. The time zone and various weather are randomly set for each match. In addition, cover, ascent machines, and cell towers to help users survive have been additionally deployed in some areas of Deston.

In addition, a ‘heavy-weight stock’ is also released. The heavy stock has a balance that directly controls the recoil of the gun and lowers the aiming speed, making it suitable for users who prefer stable play rather than fast-paced combat. It can be attached to assault rifles (AR) M416, ACE32, M16A4, Mk47 mutants, submachine gun (SMG) Vector, MP5K, and light machine gun (LMG) M249, and can be world spawned on all maps.

The in-game animations have also been improved. More realistic expressions and various movements will provide users with an immersive gameplay experience. All weapon activation motions have been improved tactically to be more sophisticated, and start and stop motions have been added to user movements.

In addition, ▲Addition of ridges and movement routes in some areas of Taego ▲Addition of hit marks in AI training match ▲Introduction of a separate auxiliary interaction key ▲Vehicle skin system reorganization has been updated, ▲Gameplay related bugs ▲General Taego map related bugs ▲ Clipping bugs and more were fixed.

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