Happiness Season 1

Happiness Season 1 Review – A brilliantly written hidden gem from Korea

Since the pandemic has hit, we’ve considered a wide variety of extraordinary broadcasters clamber over themselves to attempt and shove COVID into their storylines. From Grey’s Anatomy to This Is Us, the west has been in particular virulent (no pun intended) with depicting this. Inconsistent masks wearing, on-the-nose speak and patronizing characterization that’s solely labored to exhibit who the actual proficient scriptwriters are. With that in mind, Han Sang-Woon is a identify you have to likely take into account going forward.

With a incredibly small filmography, Happiness is a easy however extraordinarily high-quality project. It’s a horror/drama hybrid, however most importantly a cleverly written evaluation of the human situation at some point of a pandemic. It flawlessly exemplifies our heightened paranoia, mistrust and worry of others in the wake of a disaster. You guys ought to without a doubt now not sleep on this one.

Our story takes location post-COVID

Korea and the relaxation of the world are simply beginning to get again on their feet, however there’s undeniably nonetheless an air of uneasiness. When experimental vaccine drugs known as Next drip-feed onto the market, it’s quickly published that these drugs are the catalyst for any other outbreak – one a ways deadlier than Corona.

With an unquenchable thirst for water and a insanity that descends over the infected, the virus spreads courtesy of bites and scratches – as nicely as taking the pills. It’s pretty straight ahead in truth, though Happiness does take a whilst to provide an explanation for how all of this works. To its credit, this virtually makes Happiness that tons greater unpredictable.

There are echoes of Netflix’s Sweet Home right here too, as the viral outbreak takes place proper as Sae-Bom and Yi-Hyun go in together. Their complex, Seyang Forest Le Ciel, is inhabited via a entire bunch of different characters whom we study extra about as the season progresses.

What’s especially interesting right here is the improvement for all the assisting players. While Sae-Bom and Yi-Hyun have their personal angle, intent on discovering a vaccine with the assist off authorities reputable Tae-Seok, the actual meat of the story lies in the response from the exclusive proprietors and renters inhabiting this block.

Across the 12 episodes, the skinny façade of faux smiles and empty guarantees dissolves to show the genuine face of everyone. Selfish characters are everywhere; opportunistic renters decided to take riches for themselves. There are additionally loners who choose to trip it out alone, solely to discover themselves at the mercy of jealous and grasping neighbours at their door. There’s simply no area to cover here!

There are additionally some superbly poetic juxtapositions right here too. One story includes a especially sleazy medical doctor referred to as Joo-Hyeong. He’s been snoozing with a mistress (Sang-Hee) in the back of his spouse Min-Ji’s back. She’s hidden below the mattress when the announcement comes in for a lockdown. What starts as a easy set-up quickly indicates colors of grey.

The “pretty” mistress winds up turning into the ugliest persona of the trio whilst Joo-Hyeong will become ever-more pathetic as the season progresses – a some distance cry from the assured and opportunistic criminal he starts as.

The instance above is simply one set of residents, and memories like this manifest for nearly each and every character. The Building Rep, Yeon-Ok, and her non secular husband Woo-Chang have their personal story to tell, whilst little Seo-Yoon and her contaminated mom Eun-Ji have a extra sentimental edge. I won’t go into specifics however phase of the pleasure right here is seeing how all these residents have interaction and deal with the outbreak collectively – or in opposition to one another.

If there’s one gripe although is comes from the ending

Given the exhibit is solely 12 episodes long, the ultimate chapter does sense incredibly rushed. The entire story is wrapped up with a neat bow, rounding out all the large storylines, characters and drama, however additionally finished at the fee of a extra streamlined and higher paced conclusion.

That’s a minor factor even though in what’s in any other case one of 2021’s brightest K-dramas. This exhibit appears to have come out of nowhere, and this hidden gem is without problems one of the satisfactory examples of the human circumstance and how one offers with a high-pressure scenario like an outbreak. For that alone, Happiness is nicely really worth checking out.

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