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Jannabi Choi Jeong-hoon, ‘Hidden Singer 7’ 3rd round joint elimination… For the first time in history (comprehensive)

‘Hidden Singer 7’ Jannabi Choi Jeong-hoon was eliminated in the 3rd round along with a person with the ability to sing.

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Hidden Singer 7‘, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 23rd, Choi Jeong-hoon, the group sound’s Jannabi leader and vocalist, scrambled as the original singer and faced off with a number of imitators.

Jannabi is ranked 0 in the recruitment of various festivals, spreading the romance of band music to all generations. Choi Jeong-hoon expressed his feelings that it was an honor to appear with his manager, his brother, and said that he did not believe it when he was cast for ‘Hidden Singer 7′ for the first time. Choi Jung-hoon promised, “If I fail, I will write a song and sing it live.”

As a celebrity judge, Jannabi guitarist Kim Do-hyung, ‘Hot Singers’ disciple Kim Kwang-gyu, Yoon Yu-sun, and Crying Nut Han Kyung-rok joined together and attracted attention. Kim Do-hyeong, who lived with Choi Jeong-hoon for 14 years, showed confidence, saying, “I know just by hearing the sound of breathing and footsteps.”

The first round was played with ‘She’. It is a song that Jannabi sang on the stage of her project to discover new musicians and was released as an official soundtrack thanks to the support of her fans. Choi Jung-hoon revealed that he had dreamed of becoming a band since childhood, because he was obsessed with the word ‘singer-songwriter’, a modifier of Elton John, a singer he liked since elementary school. 

After that, he felt a thrill with Kim Do-hyung, whom he met at a private academy when he was in high school, and formed Jannabi. However, Choi Jeong-hoon said, “I sing different songs from the live music, and I also practiced listening to the music.” In the first round, Kim “Jannabi” Kim, who had the ability to imitate, was eliminated.

The second round was conducted with ‘hesitating lovers’, where Jannabi became a trending band, adding to the tension. ‘Hesitating Lovers’, which swept the top of the music charts, even beat BTS’ ‘Poems for Small Things’ at the time. Choi Jung-hoon said,

“I think someone has something to be proud of for the rest of my life, and it was an honor to have a name with BTS.” In the second round, which threw everyone into confusion, Hyun-San Kim, ‘Hongdae Jannabi’ Kim, who was able to mimic the song, was eliminated. Kim Hyun-san turned out to be the vocalist of the Hongdae band Black Tetra, where the peregrine falcon Gu Chang-mo was active.

Round 3 was ‘Did you love it or a passing relationship? Choi Jung-hoon confessed to the long song title, “I want to get attention,” and added, “I intended to make it sound funny and interesting.” However, contrary to Jannabi’s intention, ‘Did you love me’ became Jannabi’s representative group song. Choi Jung-hoon said, “It’s easy to sing, but it’s hard to sing it like a sound source, so I don’t use the singing method at this time,” and he picked it as the most difficult song.

The identities of three powerful impersonators, ‘law firm Jannabi’ Park Geon-woo, ‘Jannabi came to cast’ Choi Jin-won, and ‘rock star Jannabi’ Yoo Yu-yun, have been revealed. Yoo Do-yoon, a ‘rock star Jannabi’ who was nominated for the championship, was revealed to be a middle school student, and the judges were shocked. In the third round, for the first time in the history of ‘Hidden Singer’, two people were eliminated at the same time, and Choi Jeong-hoon was eliminated along with ‘Law Firm Jannabi’ Park Gun-woo.

Choi Jeong-hoon said, “I really hoped, but after falling, I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry, it’s complicated, and it hurts my pride.” However, Choi Jung-hoon added, “I think the mimics must have practiced really hard, so I think it’s a little comforting.”

In the final round of ‘The hot summer night is gone and the rest is nothing’, Choi Jin-won took the final victory and took the prize money of 20 million won.

On the other hand, JTBC’s ‘Hidden Singer 7’ is a new concept music program in which a song competition between a representative singer of Korea and a ‘imitation talent’ who can perfectly digest the singer’s voice and singing method, is broadcast every Friday at 8:50 pm. .

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