Kakao Games held a ‘Uma Musume

Kakao Games held a ‘Uma Musume’ meeting and even made an official apology… User “I will sue for refund

The management team of Kakao Games ‘Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’ held a meeting with game users for 8 hours, but ultimately failed to reach an agreement.

Kakao Games held a meeting between the management team of ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ and the ‘Game User Voluntary Council’ at the office building in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do from 10 am to 5:40 pm on the 17th. In the midst of two ‘carriage protests’ by Uma Musume users, who have argued that the Kakao Games management team is inexperienced in operation and discrimination against Japanese users, Kakao Games accepted their demands and held a meeting.

Si-woo Lee, the head of the business division and the head of the business and operation department, who appeared as representatives of Kakao Games, explained various controversies that occurred during the operation of Uma Musume and expressed their position.

Regarding the user’s complaints that an apology letter and various notices were posted late, the management team said, “The overall operation, such as various notices, operation schedules, payment plans, and marketing, is decided in consultation with Japan Cygames.” Communication with Japanese developers takes time. As a result, various operational processes were delayed.

Director Lee said, “Through this incident, Cygames has also gained a lot of understanding of the Korean market, and if there is an urgent situation, Kakao Games has prepared a process for ‘reporting candidates for proactive measures’. We will guide you through the situation transparently.”

Cygames headquarters did not attend the meeting, but sent a separate message on the 15th, saying, “There was a lack of supervision in Cygames, and there was a lack of connection with Kakao Games.” I’m sorry,” he said.

Regarding the ‘server check before the end of the event’, which has been raised by Uma Musume users, the management team apologized several times, saying, “We are sorry to the users who have experienced inconvenience.” Previously, Uma Musume users have claimed that Kakao Games started a server maintenance three hours before the end of the event where you can get major items or points in the game, and the users who accumulated points suffered losses.

However, the management team said, “Unfortunately, it was the customer’s individual choice, and we do not see it as damage.” He continued, “We will discuss with Cygames and come up with a remedy for users who have experienced inconvenience due to the change in the maintenance time.

Regarding the schedule of major game events being announced later than the Japanese server, the management team said, “The announcement was delayed due to prolonged communication with Cygames.

As a measure to prevent recurrence, the management team suggested organizing a business operation organization directly under the CEO through organizational reorganization, improving the business evaluation process, and operating a stable communication window with customers.

General Manager Lee said, “A total of 80 people are in charge of Uma Musume-related tasks for each part and team, and this will be reorganized into the ‘Uma Musume Improvement TF’ (tentative name).”

However, a Uma Musume user who participated in the meeting on that day announced that they would proceed with a refund lawsuit just before the end of the meeting. The user’s representative said, “As of this time, we will collect the e-mails of those who want a refund or recall lawsuit and file a lawsuit on Monday if possible.” It can be withdrawn.”

The user representative said, “Currently, about 4.5 billion won has been collected from the refund request receipts alone. did.

Director Lee said, “I will thoroughly fulfill all the promises I made today, and I will show improvement in the future.”

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