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[Exclusive] Kim Ho-jung X Song Ga-in TV Chosun’s first variety show, first recording on October 4th… First broadcast in November

[Sports Chosun Reporter Baek Ji-eun] The new entertainment program of ‘Tvarotti’ Kim Ho-jung and ‘Trot Queen’ Song Ga-in is finally launching its first shovel.

According to multiple officials, Kim Ho-jung and Song Ga-in will start the first recording of TV Chosun’s new trot entertainment on October 4th. The first greening takes place on an island off the west coast. And details related to greening are kept strictly confidential.

From TV Chosun’s point of view, since PD Seo Hye-jin, who made ‘Mr. Trot’ and ‘Mr. Trot’ hits, left Kim Ho-jung and Song Ga-in as ‘Hidden Card’, which ignited the cooling trot craze. that you are leaning.

Kim Ho-joong is a top 7 member of ‘Mr. Trot’, and two years after leaving the ‘Call Center of Love’, his face is reflected in the TV Chosun program. As it is his first fixed entertainment show after his discharge, the expectations of his fans are high. Song Ga-in is from ‘Miss Trot’ and will appear in TV Chosun entertainment for the first time in 3 years after ‘Miss Trot’ and ‘Let’s Go Picking Mulberry’ in 2019.

The two showed off their extraordinary chemistry by performing a legendary duet on KBS2’s ‘Battle of the Villains’ and SBS ‘Hangawi Fantasia’, Kim Ho-jung’s first solo show in 2020.

Ho-jung Kim is meeting with fans through the exhibition ‘Song of the Stars’ and will hold a solo concert ‘2022 Ho-jung Kim Concert Tour Aristra’ from the 30th to October 2nd at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul. 25,000 seats were sold out within 5 minutes of ticket opening.

Song Ga-in is meeting with fans through the nationwide tour concert ‘Sonata’.

Their first entertainment program is scheduled to air in November.

Reporter Baek Ji-eun [email protected]


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