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Kim Jong-min “I can’t wear an armband” The biggest crisis in entertainment life [I like tobab]

Kim Jong-min talked about the pressure on his first trip after being promoted to Matt Talker MC.

According to the production team, Tobabs’ mukbang trip to Sokcho, Gangwon-do will be revealed in the 39th episode of T-Cast’s E-channel ‘I like rice (I like rice)’, which will be broadcast on the 24th.

Tobabs falls in love with Sokcho’s gourmet restaurant by eating flounder cooked in a soup they made at the restaurant recommended by the production team and having a rich flavor.

Kim Jong-min, who became the MC of Matt Talker in the last trip, leads the process by saying to the members, “Please express each taste one by one.” However, Hibab rushes to say, “If you do it yourself, I will be grateful.” Kim Jong-min silently looks at Hyun Joo-yeop and asks for help.

Hyun Joo-yeop, who made eye contact with Kim Jong-min, raises his voice saying, “You do it first. If you wear an armband, you have to do it.” Kim Jong-min, driven into a corner, put on a shy expression and said, “I can’t take my armband off. I can’t wear it.”

After that, Kim Jong-min goes all over the place and challenges the expression of taste. But when Kim Jong-min exclaims only gibberish exclamation, Noh Sa-yeon, who has not seen it, is furious, saying, “What does that mean?”

The production team said, “In the end, Hibab takes the lead and evolves the situation, and as soon as he gets promoted to Matt Talker MC, the episode of Kim Jong-min, who suffers from hardship, is released.”

Investigation of ‘TV Chosun’ re-approval score downgrade… “To oust the Korea Communications Commission Chairman?” doubt


In the process of re-approval of <TV Chosun> in 2020, the prosecution took over the audit results of the Board of Audit and Inspection that there was a suspicion of score manipulation, and the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) started a search and seizure on the 23rd.

The Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office announced on the same day, “We conducted a search and seizure of the Korea Communications Commission in relation to the transfer case of the Board of Audit and Inspection.” It is known that the target of the search and seizure includes not only KCC officials, but also some external judges who participated in the re-approval of comprehensive programming channels such as TV Chosun at the time.

Twelve judges (not including the chairperson) participated in the review for re-approval of the full version in 2020 in 5 fields including broadcasting, law, and management/accounting.Earlier this month, the Board of Audit and Inspection transferred the relevant data to the prosecution.

Saying that in the process of auditing the Korea Communications Commission from last June, the Korea Communications Commission had secured a situation in which the score of the ‘fairness’ item was deliberately lowered in the TV Chosun re-approval review process. At that time, TV Chosun received a total score of 653.39, but the score of the ‘public responsibility and fairness of broadcasting’ item, which is the key evaluation item, was less than 50% of the total score (104.15 points/out of 210 points), so it received ‘conditional re-approval’.

When the TV Chosun re-approval review process became the subject of investigation by the prosecution, the media academia and the media and civic groups are protesting, saying that it is “to neutralize the re-approval review system for all episodes.”

Seo-joong Kim, a professor at Sungkonghoe University (Newspapers and Broadcasting), said, “It is the authority given to external judges to evaluate each evaluation item according to their own opinions, and there may be some subjective evaluation and correction of evaluation in this process.” “To make such a series of processes the subject of audits or prosecution investigations will not only infringe on the individual judges’ freedom of conscience, but will ultimately make the system of re-approval of full-length films ineffective,” he pointed out.

In a statement on the same day, the Citizens’ Coalition for Democratic Press also said, “The Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s attempts to seize the media by mobilizing investigative agencies such as the Board of Audit and Inspection and the Prosecutor’s Office are going too far. We strongly condemn the anti-democratic behavior of the Yun Seok-yeol government, which uses forced investigations to suppress even the review activities of scholars and civic groups experts.”


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