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Kim Jung-young’s side “Actress in her 50s” rumors “Legal action without mercy”

Actor Kim Jung-young’s side foreshadowed legal action against rumors of ‘an actress in her 50s’.

Kim Jung-young’s agency, SWMP, issued an official position on the 22nd and said, “Recently, we have confirmed that false information related to Kim Jung-young is being circulated through YouTube. I’m making it hard for the actors and their families by uploading the video as if it’s real,” he said.

“While the spread of false facts and malicious rumors inflicts great pain on victims, we plan to take all strong legal actions against the irrational case in which the YouTuber in question is taking personal profit through these malicious videos.”

It is expected that there will be no leniency for such rumors and malicious slander.

SWMP stated, “We recommend that those who wrote posts and comments such as dissemination of false information about their artists, defamation, malicious rumors and slander, and personal attacks be deleted immediately. I will,” he emphasized.

Earlier, a YouTuber pointed out Kim Jung-young as the ’50s actress’ who was recently engulfed in an affair. Kim Jung-young, who worked as a theater actress, has consistently appeared in independent and commercial films and dramas. She recently showed her stable acting in Coupang Play series ‘Anna’ and tvN drama ‘Eve’. She is married to actor Kim Hak-sun.

NCT 127 surpasses 1,547,000 copies in the first week… 1st place in SM history

The group NCT 127 surpassed 1,547,000 copies in the first week of sales on the Hanteo Chart with the 4th regular album ‘2 Baddies’.

NCT 127’s 4th full-length album ‘2 Baddies’, released on September 16th, recorded the Initial Chodong sales of 1,547,595 copies based on Hanteo Chart, the largest record sales site in Korea, becoming the third consecutive million-seller.

The Initial Chodong sales of NCT 127’s 4th regular album achieved the highest record (based on Hanteo Chart) among SM artists.

At the same time as the release of their 4th full-length album ‘2 Baddies’, NCT 127 recorded 2 trophies in the music category by topping major domestic album charts, downloading circle charts (formerly Gaon charts) and BGM charts. All of the music sources are gaining global interest, ranking first on the ‘TOP100’ chart.

NCT 127 will appear on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’, which will be aired on the 23rd, and present two stages of the 4th regular album title song ‘2 Baddies’ and the b-side song ‘Faster’.

‘High School Dad 2’ clarification of suspicion of manipulation broadcast “Intervention by the producers under agreement” [Full text]

When allegations of rigged broadcasts surfaced, ‘High School Dad 2’ came forward to explain.

The recently aired MBN entertainment program ‘Golden Daddy 2’ (hereafter ‘High Schooling Daddy 2’) appeared as a wife who is obsessed with her husband.

However, on the 21st, Mr. Ha revealed on SNS that there was an intervention of the production team and ‘demon’s editing’ for excessive setting. During the filming of her ‘High School Mom 2’, Ha saved her crew number under her name and made several phone calls to her husband or a situation play in which her husband’s boss got angry, she claims.

In response, ‘Going Umpa 2’ made an official position and said, “It is true that there was some part of the production team’s intervention under the mutual agreement with Haribin, but the actions of the performers are not true. The production team never made a separate request or directed it.”

She continued, “Even in this episode, during the recording process, Hari Bin said that the conversation with her grandmother on the phone came out as if she was talking to her husband. added.

Although dismissing it as a misunderstanding to the last, he said to the cast and their families, “This happened due to a misunderstanding between the two sides during the production process. I will do my best so that the conflict with the government can be resolved amicably.”

According to the original plan, our ‘Going Umpa’ is doing our best to help by listening to the various stories of children who became parents in their teens.

Before filming the daily life for the show, the production team meets with the ‘going umpire’ family and spends a long time talking to each other, and after the meeting, they continue to share the filming content and proceed with the production.

Accordingly, the production team is doing everything possible to fully reflect the wishes of the performers and to be a positive help in their lives after the broadcast.

In particular, during the studio recording where the ‘Going Umpa’ performers meet with the MCs, the production team watches the broadcast together with the cast and asks the performers to confirm whether there is any content modification.

In this episode too, performer Hari Bin said that during the recording process, the conversation with her grandmother came out as if she was talking on the phone with her husband.

Regarding the controversial ‘manipulated broadcast’, I would like to say that it is not true.

It is true that there was some part of the production team’s intervention under the mutual agreement with Haribin, but the production team never made a separate request or directed the performers’ actions.

This happened due to a misunderstanding between the two sides during the production process, and we deeply apologize for any harm to the performers and their families. We will do our best to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts amicably in the future.

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