Kim Kun-hee opposes special prosecutor Jo Jung-hoon

“Kim Kun-hee opposes special prosecutor Jo Jung-hoon, historical responsibility”… 趙 “800 text bombs every day… There are a lot of support calls.”

Democratic Party-Kangseong supporters pressured
Jo Jung-hoon, “The ruling and opposition parties should compete with the economy, not the special prosecutor”

The Democratic Party of Korea (Democratic Party) has put strain on President Jo Jung-hoon (pictured) of the transitional era, who opposes the suggestion of a distinct prosecutor consignment in opposition to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife, Kim Kun-hee, saying, “If you do no longer agree, it is a historic responsibility.”

On the 13th, the Democratic Party commenced public stress on Chairman Cho. Chief Commissioner Jang Gyeong-tae regarded on CBS Radio that day and said, “I suppose that if President Cho continues to see irrational and unfair components in more than a few investigations, his staying power will be revealed. seen,” he claimed. Supreme Councilor Chung Cheong-rae additionally entreated Cho to approve the extraordinary prosecutor’s consignment on MBC radio, saying,

“The human beings of the united states are the people, and individuals of the National Assembly are servants.” In the twenty first time-honored election, Cho succeeded in turning into a proportional consultant as a member of the Citizens’ Party. In addition, the Citizens’ Party joined the Democratic Party after the universal election, however Cho did now not go to the Democratic Party and selected to trade the times.

The purpose the Democratic Party is placing strain on Chairman Cho is due to the fact of the distinct prosecution law’s designation of a ‘fast track’. Fast Track requires the approval of at least three-fifths (11) of the 18 individuals of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly, however on account that there are solely 10 Democratic lawmakers in the Judiciary Committee, the consent of Chairman Cho is required.

Some sturdy supporters of the Democratic Party are urgent Cho to approve the distinctive prosecutor’s consignment with the aid of smartphone and textual content message. Representative Cho said, “Since the Chuseok holiday, dozens of protest calls combined with profanity from supporters of Lee (Jae-myung), such as a canine daughter, come to the workplace at an hourly rate, and work is to the factor of being paralyzed.”

In response to this, CEO Cho stated in a cellphone name with the Dong-A Ilbo that day, “People’s sentiment at the Chuseok desk is now not an investigation into Lee Jae-myung or ‘Kim Gun-hee,’ specific prosecutor of the Democratic Party, however an monetary issue. The ruling and opposition events have to compete over a coverage for He added, “About seven hundred to 800 textual content bombs are pouring out from mobile telephones each and every day.

The Democratic Party additionally advised the ruling birthday celebration to receive the one-of-a-kind prosecutor Kim as a situation for the normalization of kingdom affairs. Park Hong-geun, ground chief of the Democratic Party, stated at a assembly on the identical day that “the exclusive prosecutor is the beginning factor of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s ethical restoration and normalization of kingdom affairs.” The Democratic Party plans to launch a fact-finding group on suspicions associated to the presidential workplace on the 14th and proceed to elevate the degree of offensive towards the presidential office.

On the identical day, flooring chief Kwon Seong-dong said, “The Democratic Party is the seat of President Lee. If Chairman Lee is fined greater than 1 million received for violating the election law, 43.4 billion gained have to be returned. It was once virtually a ‘disgraceful god (敗黨亡身)'” and set the day.

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