Laal Singh Chaddah Movie Review

Story History

Laal Singh Chaddha (Aamir Khan) is a slow learner with a gold heart. He lives in the small town of Punjab with his mother (Mona Singh). He loves his childhood friend, Rupa (Kareena Kapoor Khan), and is keen to marry her. Rupa also loves Laal but does not see him as a life partner. Rupa, who hails from a needy family, has ambitions of making money by becoming a model and ultimately a film star. To realise her dreams, she reaches Bombay and becomes the mistress of financier Abbas Bhai (Harry Parmar).
Meanwhile, Laal serves in the Indian army for a brief period. He meets Bala (Chaitanya Akkineni), who wants to quit the army and expand his family business of manufacturing men’s vests and briefs. Bala offers Laal partnership in the new manufacturing unit he plans to set up. During his stint in the army, Laal meets Mohammedbhai (Manav Vij), a Pakistani army man/terrorist. All through, Laal and Rupa meet occasionally, sometimes after years too.

Bad Reviews about Laal Singh Chaddah Movie 

This is not to say that there are no scenes which create an impact. Of course, there are. The stages in which Laal beats up people who misbehave with Rupa are heartwarming. Also, the scenes when Laal is sad are touching. However, the locations of Bala constantly talking about vests and underwear are not at all funny, although they have been written to create comedy.
The last about 10-15 minutes of the drama are excruciatingly slow and get too boring for the viewers to handle. Talking about the ingredients of an entertaining film, the comedy is too little, while emotions, which tug at the heartstrings, are absent at several places where they ought to have been.
Atul Kulkarni’s dialogues are good; some of them are excellent too. The Punjabi dialogues (by Rana Ranbir) are also well-written. It must be added that so much of Punjabi dialogues will not go down well with viewers who don’t fully comprehend Punjabi even though care has been taken to use simple Punjabi.

Shot extensively across India, equally cathartic and outstanding, ‘Tur Kalleyan’ breathes life into the film. Director Advait Chandan enters Rajkumar Hirani’s warm, funny and provocative satire space and succeeds partially. He creates a faithful but lengthy adaptation (2 hours 40 minutes) that makes a clever commentary on India’s political landscape. The film may not be as effortlessly moving or immersive as the original, but it will make you want to see it with your family. At a time of evolving culture, LSC holds onto the good old values that make it worthy of a family outing. You will particularly remember a crackling Shah Rukh Khan cameo and a heartwarming special appearance by Kamini Kaushal.

Dhruv Review About Laal Singh Chaddah Movie 

Laal Singh Chaddha, the remake of the Hollywood movie Forrest grump, has become a national controversy. Boycott LaalSinghChaddha was trending a lot on Twitter a few days back. All this is happening because some think Aamir khan is anti-national and hinduphobic. However, some people love this movie. So what is the full story behind all these controversies? Watch this video as Dhruv Rathee explains the entire Laal Singh Chaddha Boycott issue and its other essential things.

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