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Love and Leashes Review

Jung Ji-Woo (Seohyun) works for a large corporation. She has feelings for her co-worker Jung Ji-Hoo (Lee Jun-Young), but she hasn’t expressed to him how she feels. One day, Jung Ji-Woo receives a package. The package was intended for her co-worker Jung Ji-Hoo, but the delivery was mixed up due to their similar names. When Jung Ji-Woo opens the package, she sees a dog leash in the box. 

Frustrated with modern dating and angered by her obnoxious boss, who constantly demeans the women in the office, Ji-woo is disgusted with the status quo. But she gets a shock to her system when she mistakenly opens a package meant for Ji-hoo. It’s a leather dog collar, spiked and sized for a human neck. He freaks out – will she think he’s a pervert? Quite the opposite; she’s intrigued. And when Ji-woo shares with Ji-hoo her worry that people will see her as too bossy, he’s utterly smitten. “Ji-woo,” he asks with a sheepish grin, “will you be my master?”

After researching BDSM online, particularly the typical relationship between a dom and a sub, Ji-woo agrees to be Ji-hoo’s master. The two signed a three-month contract with stipulations for mutual safety and consent. And she leans into it. The collar is buckled. The leash is used. Commands. Rewards. And when he gifts her a pair of beautiful red high heels, she knows what her submissive wants. “Thank you for the shoes. Do you want me to step on you?

Role of characters

. In the role of Woo, Seo Hyun packs in a punch and does a great job for someone who is inexperienced in BDSM but goes at length to know more about it.

The film also demystifies many myths associated with the dominance and submission factors of BDSM. Ultimately, it remains a film about sexual preferences and sexual freedom. Though this film is not riveting compared to the recent K dramas from Korea, it deserves a dekko on the sheer power of its subject.


Love and Leashes’ are about a romance between two people of different personalities. When the sexual fantasy of one of them is revealed, the two enter into a contract to fulfill their sexual fetishes without getting physical.

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