Military Prosecutor Doberman

Military Prosecutor Doberman – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9 of Military Prosecutor Doberman starts offevolved the place episode eight left off. Yong Moon Gyu comes to recognize about Won Ki Chun’s leg situation. This and the following scenes are from 9 days earlier than No Hwa Young was once in the interrogation room.

He feels that No Hwa Young is unaware about Cha Woo In’s identity, however No Hwa Young is already on the pinnacle of her game. She has been maintaining tabs on Cha Woo In and that is how she determined out about the secret video revealing Won Ki Chun’s truth as well.

Do Bae Man groups up with the sole witness from the DMZ Mine Explosion incident, Gu Hyeon Suk, and pronounces a press conference. He visits Won Ki Chun providing him a final danger to confess everything.

Won Ki Chun comes below enormous stress and simply as he is about to expose the name, a nurse comes in and breaks the moment. Won Ki Chun does no longer say the total name, simply tries to say ‘No’ which confirms Do Bae Man’s suspicions that No Hwa Young is the mastermind at the back of everything.

Do Bae Man meets Kim Han Yong and relays the records about Han Yong’s brother’s case. Kim Han Yong offers his consent for surgical operation and his brother is let into surgical procedure with Mr. Kang ready outside.

Cha Woo In visits her boss and tells him that if he fails to trouble an arrest warrant in opposition to Won Ki Chun then the penalties will be dire. She states all grounds for the warrant however he dismisses them. The sole witness from the DMZ Mine Explosion is on his way to the press convention when he is caught by using Won Ki Chun. He is on the cellphone name with Do Bae Man and Bae Man hears everything.

Here at the press conference, the journalists develop stressed and start to leave. Do Bae Man and his aunt deal with the scenario and trap the newshounds to remain returned for some greater time. Cha Woo In manages to break out the army base and reaches the spot the place Won Ki Chun has stored the sole witness. Is dressed in her traditional ‘hunting’ apparel of purple hair, black garments and black glasses.

She is instructs the witness to get away and attain the press conference. She hits the goons with clean rounds and battle ensues between them.

Evidence of bullets from Kim Han Yong’s cranium are eliminated and exceeded over to Mr. Kang who takes it to the press conference. At the conference, Seon Joo Hyuk, Cha Woo In’s boss, clothes in undeniable garments and tries to sabotage the press conference. Gu Hyeon Suk reaches the room and starts his statement. However, he’s move puzzled by using the reporters. He cries and is scared however continues his narration.

Do Bae Man takes the convention beforehand and flowers the precise questions that ought to sabotage No Hwa Young’s plans. He indicates the bullet eliminated from Kim Han Yong’s brother’s cranium as well. The journalists lap up the information instantly. Cha Woo In on the different hand hits Won Ki Chun.

No Hwa Young receives an irritated telephone name from Minister Lee Jae Shik. Her role is fantastically threatened. Won Ki Chun visits her workplace and threatens to divulge all her incorrect doings as well.

She calls Staff Judge Advocate and informs him to arrest Won Ki Chun. He, in turn, replies that Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In’s penalties have been lifted via Commander Hong. When the navy prosecutor personnel arrive to arrest Won Ki Chun, they discover him dead. Won Ki Chun took his personal life.

No Hwa Young and different participants of the Patriotic Society have a meeting. The contributors severely criticize No Hwa Young for all that has happened. The information of Won Ki Chun’s dying reaches this birthday celebration also. The information spreads throughout the united states like wildfire.

The scene cuts to No Tae Nam at his navy posting. A senior of his comes in the dorms and explains to him how to lead a navy life. No Tae Nam is met with a tough senior. This senior calls Tae Nam a ‘pretty boy’.

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In meet up at the trial courtroom room. They share a few phrases about their subsequent plan. Since their layout with Won Ki Chun failed, Do Bae Man has some comfort prepared. It is a field of matters gathered from Won Ki Chun’s condo and that leads them to a new clue.

The scene merges to the opening scene the place No Hwa Young is in the interrogation room to provide her statement. She is accompanied via Yong Moon Gyu. She is totally puzzled by way of Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In. No Hwa Young well solutions every questions.

Somehow the blame not directly lands onto Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In for No Hwa Young. Yong Moon Gyu allege that their immoderate investigation led to Won Ki Chun taking his personal life.

Yong Moon Gyu settles a verbal blow on Cha Woo In as he palms her the commercial enterprise card for IM Defense as the new CEO. She realizes that he is aware of the whole lot about Cha Woo In and her past.

The scene cuts to No Hwa Young in her cabin as she recounts her. killing Won Ki Chun and staging it as a suicide

Then once more the scene cuts to Do Bae Man at Commander Hong’s workplace. As he thanks the commander for lifting the penalty. Do Bae Man pledges his loyalty to Hong and the episode ends.

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