Mirid Co., Ltd. supplies

Mirid Co., Ltd. supplies ‘Miricanvas Enterprise’ service to Kyobo Bookstore

Mirid, a design solution company, announced that Kyobo Bookstore has introduced the ‘Miricanvas Enterprise’ service, a design collaboration tool for businesses.

Miricanvas, which has accumulated more than 7 million subscribers as of August of this year, is a web-based design solution in the form of SaaS (software as a service) that allows you to access the website and use the design editor right away.

Miricanvas Enterprise is a corporate version with enhanced design collaboration and management functions in Miricanvas, and through △premium templates and design elements △background erasing function △work history recovery, any office worker can easily and conveniently create high-quality design work.

In addition, by utilizing functions such as △Design Approval △Brand Kit △Editor Control, it provides a design work environment that meets the corporate brand identity regulations. Currently, more than 100 companies and institutions have formally introduced it and are using it as an optimal solution for integrated management of all design assets within a company along with design collaboration in a series of processes such as content planning, production, and distribution.

By introducing the precanvas enterprise service, Kyobo Bookstore is able to easily and conveniently produce high-quality, high-quality content necessary for online business, from social media content and card news to web posters, event banners, and announcements, while safely and effectively managing all design assets. be able to Through this, we plan to create a productive work environment along with the digital transformation of sales and marketing operations.

Park Chang-won, head of DT promotion at Kyobo Bookstore, said, “We will build a productive work environment through the pre-canvas design collaboration tool and effectively manage Kyobo Bookstore’s design assets by efficiently utilizing human resources.”

Kim Tae-ho, CMO of Miridi, said, “Miricanvas is expected to help many companies with digital transformation and contribute to building a more productive work environment. We will try our best to provide an essential solution for any office worker.”

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1 million people to commemorate the Queen… To commemorate the age of 96, the 96th ringing

London overflowing with condolences

British navy escorted the ‘Queen’s Coffin’ after
10 days of funeral schedule ,
left Westminster Abbey and passed away at
Windsor Castle

. Two minutes of silence across the UK.

19 at 11 a.m. (local time) in front of Westminster Hall in London, England. 142 members of the Royal Navy, in navy blue uniforms, began the march, escorting the Queen’s coffin in her gun carriage. About 100 bagpipe drummers followed. After a 10-minute march, the Queen’s coffin, topped with a crown, orb (jeweled sphere) and scepter, entered Westminster Abbey. When her coffin arrived at the site of her queen’s coronation 70 years ago, her remembrance chorus rang out. It was the final moment of ten days of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-serving monarch, who passed away on the 8th.

On that day, at Westminster Abbey, the home of her funeral. The tenor bell (bass church bell) rang 96 times at 1-minute intervals. Bells commemorating the life of the Queen. Who passed away at the age of 96, filled her temple once a minute.

Endless waves of mourning continued in London. People clad in Union Jack and wearing flag hats spent the night near Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle, where the body will be buried. Huge Union Jacks were hung on both sides of The Mall Street from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square. As the time of the funeral drew near, a procession lined the streets to see the queen’s last.

The Queen’s coffin was opened to the public again at 8 a.m. After the general mourning was completed by 6:30 a.m. On the same day. In 1901, according to the tradition of the chapter from Queen Victoria’s time. 142 members of the Royal Navy escorted her coffin. King Charles III followed the procession as her Queen’s coffin moved from Westminster Hall to the Temple. The Queen’s great-grandchildren, Prince George. (9) And Princess Charlotte (7), who are second and third in line to the throne, also appeared at the funeral.

After the funeral, which was attended by some 2,000 people. The whole of England paid two minutes of silence in tribute to her queen. With the national anthem, the carriage procession arrived at London’s famous Wellington Arch. And then headed back to its final destination, Windsor Castle. After more than 800 guests, including her royal family, held a funeral service at Windsor Castle. The queen’s coffin was finally placed in the crypt of St.

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