My Name Season 1

My Name Season 1 Review – A decent revenge thriller that limps over the finish line

Revenge thrillers are all the rage proper now, and after the success of Squid Game, a gritty Korean thriller known as My Name seemed like the best heady cocktail, mixing these two factors together. And for 6 episodes, it virtually works. However, an ending can make or smash a story and in the case of My Name, that a great deal is unluckily proper right here as well.

The story right here revolves round a younger lady named Jwoo who witnesses her father, Donghoon, being brutally murdered, shot at point-blank vary backyard their apartment. With rumours that the police are concerned and a late night time snoop from Captain Cha backing that declare up, Jiwoo stays determined for answers.

Those solutions appear to come from Donghoon’s buddy and work colleague Mujin. Mujin is the head of a crook empire, with Donghoon honestly on the listing of Most Wanted throughout Korea. So Mujin takes Jiwoo beneath his wing and starts offevolved to teach her up to be hard adequate to hit returned in opposition to these accountable for killing her dad.

It’s a easy story in fact however one with a desirable wide variety of twists and turns alongside the way. Despite being especially predictable, with a last-gasp expose you’ll possibly discern out via the quit of episode 3, this eight chapter thriller does nicely to maintain matters watchable till the very end.

No spoilers of route however the closing two episodes push the believability stage to the max and there’s a few plot contrivances and troubles that will have you elevating your eyebrows. Not solely that, the abrupt give up leaves extra questions than answers. If you can go in looking ahead to that though, there’s nevertheless a lot to like.

Specifically although the important draw of My Name comes from the action. And boy are they good. Unlike the flurry of epilepsy inducing shaky-cam and rapid cuts in fellow k-drama Vagabond,

My Name attracts tons nearer to Luca: The Beginning, with long, drawn out sequences and surprising choreography. Thankfully it doesn’t take any of the story impact from that sci-fi train-wreck though. Han So-Hee does an gorgeous job in this function too and she slips properly into the well-worn footwear of a conflicted motion heroine to perfection.

Aesthetically, most of the exhibit is shot with slick editing, elegant cinematography and a fantastically suitable soundtrack too, together with the title track “My Name” which vegetation up continuously thru the show.
When it comes to acting, Han-So Hee is the stand-out by means of far, typified through a simply surprising exhibit of brain at the quit of episode 6. There’s one sequence right here that sees Jiwoo study the surprising fact and her pained reaction, breaking down into indignant tears by means of the aspect of the road, is captured so authentically on display that you’ll sense each and every second of it.

If you can appear previous some of the story woes and take to the appearing and action, My Name has a lot of positives. It’s possibly now not as right as Netflix’s different current unique k-dramas, however it nestles properly in the “very exact however with a few flaws” category, making for an enthralling and fun revenge thriller all the same.


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