Our beloved Summer

Our beloved Summer Season 1 Review – A charming but safe romantic drama

Our Beloved Summer is a story about romance, remorseful about and repressed emotions. The crux of this falls to a faculty romance that goes horribly awry, main two characters on exceptional paths in lifestyles that subsequently entwine collectively thanks to fate.

It’s a fairly easy set-up and Our Beloved Summer doesn’t shy away from that. Instead, it embraces its very own clichés and molds that into a candy story that does nicely to hold matters attractive throughout the sixteen episodes. However, with flailing subplots and some inconsequential characters, this k-drama is no longer barring its faults.

The story facilities on Choi-Ung, a clumsy faculty scholar with terrible grades. He’s teamed up with Yeon-Su, a bright, no-nonsense woman who definitely won’t stand for Choi-Ung’s shenanigans. So naturally, a documentary crew see it as the best drama bait and chance to movie two college students in their herbal habitat.

As destiny would have it, their hate turns to friendship and then in flip a blossoming excessive faculty romance. Unfortunately a horrific break-up tarnishes them each and they raise the weight of this over the years.

Fast ahead to the current and Yeon-Su is thrust into Choi-Ung’s world when she discovers he’s an artist and going through the alias of Ko-O. She wishes him to signal on to a massive work convention, however he nevertheless has ill-feelings about their break-up and isn’t precisely joyful to see her. But will she control to make amends for what passed off between them?

Choi-Ung’s buddy and makeshift brother Ji-Ung appears to assume so, and he organizes for any other documentary to take place.

The plot itself is enormously simple and there are virtually some satisfactory moments in here. The helping characters are stunning on their very own and actually have depth however nearly sense wasted with the paper-thin fabric they’re given to work with.

There’s K-Pop artist NJ who takes a fancy to Choi-Ung however he doesn’t reciprocate, Choi-Ung’s first-rate buddy Ji-Ung has his very own secrets and techniques and emotions involving Yeon-Su and Yeon-Su’s quality buddy owns a flailing restaurant. All of these characters simply sorta exhibit up and hold the plot shifting however are fully forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

Take Ji-Ung for example, he doesn’t do very tons and usually mopes around, bemoaning no longer taking his possibilities when they arose in the past. But yet, it takes us nearly thirteen episodes earlier than we get some much-needed backstory over why he is the way that he is.

Despite its faults, Our Beloved Summer is an fun romantic drama and convenient to sink into. It’s no longer as adorable and humorous as Hometown Cha Cha Cha, nor is it as thematically deep or engrossing as Run On. Instead, this one comes up quick when it things but is a exciting experience nonetheless, helped alongside by means of some incredible appearing and some splendid cinematography.

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