Pakistan Independence Day in August 14, 2022

Pakistan Independence Day

THIS DAY IN HISTORY August 14, 1947, India and Pakistan win

Pakistani community members in the Gulf state also celebrated the country’s Independence Day with national zeal and profound patriotism. Riffat Ayesha of Sargodha in Punjab province, a scholar who holds a master’s degree in history, told The Media Line: “Indeed, Pakistan is currently going through the worst crisis in its history, and now the nation is in desperate need of the same spirit with which it gained freedom from British slavery 75 years ago.

Acting Sindh Governor Agha Siraj Durrani and Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah laid a floral wreath at the grave of Jinnah and raised the country’s flag. On behalf of the President of Pakistan, the Ambassador of Pakistan will present Pakistan’s high civil awards to Turkish personalities at a dignified ceremony in Ankara this evening.

How is Pakistani Independence Day Celebrated?

Pakistan is the seventh largest country in the world and the only Muslim-majority country to possess nuclear weapons.

These achievements by Nooh, Arshad, and all the winners tell us what our athletes can do if they get the support they need in training and fitness.  The Mountbatten Plan split Pakistan (comprised of West and East Pakistan) from India, creating an independent Muslim nation. In 1971, East Pakistan gained its independence, becoming known as Bangladesh. Today, West Pakistan is known simply as Pakistan.


Who offered prayers for Pakistan’s security and progress and the people’s well-being. “Unity, Faith, and Discipline” is Pakistan’s guiding principle and national motto. The country celebrates its Independence Day on August 14. With Pakistan celebrating its Independence Day on Sunday, everyone from actors and actresses to singers have taken to social media to mark the occasion. The country became a sovereign nation 75 years ago, ending British colonial rule. Here’s a look at the famous faces who are marking the day.

Ambassador Syrus Qazi, in his remarks, said that August 14 is an important date in the history of the Sub-continent, as, on this day in 1947, the dream of an independent Pakistan became a reality. He urged the Pakistan community in Turkey to work hard and promote a positive image of Pakistan through their conduct. Ambassador Qazi also thanked the people and Turkish leadership for their messages of congratulation.

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