Plan to attend trial the day

[Exclusive] “Plan to attend trial the day after the murder”… Jeon Joo-hwan aims to cover up ‘murder

Why did Jeon Joo-hwan, a stalking murderer at Shindang Station, do this the day before the court sentencing trial against the victim? There were not many doubts. However, in the police investigation, there was a statement that could guess the motive. He is known to have committed the murder and stated that he was about to go to trial the next day. The police believe that he committed such a horrific thing on the basis that he would be able to hide the crime he committed the previous day after being arrested.

This is an exclusive report by Ahn Yoon-kyung.

Jeon Joo-hwan murdered a station worker at Shindang Station at 9 pm on the 14th. The next day, a trial was scheduled for the accused of illegal filming and stalking against the victim. The prosecution’s sentence was 9 years in prison.

In a recent police investigation, Jeon Joo-hwan is known to have said, “I expected to be arrested in court.

Jeon Joo-hwan / Sindang Station Stalking Killer (last 16th)
“(Do you have anything to say to the victim?) Sorry

. I told the police.

Jeon Joo-hwan committed the crime by visiting Sindang Station, where the victim worked, ahead of the sentencing hearing at 10:30 a.m. the next day.

The police say that if Jeon Joo-hwan escapes safely from the crime scene at Sindang Station and is arrested the next day in court, he will be killed. It is believed that they were aiming to be excluded from the list of suspects in the investigation into personnel matters.

In this case, it was decided that the punishment could only be punished as a ‘sex crime’ rather than a murder.

Jeon Joo-hwan meticulously planned not to leave any traces, such as wearing a sanitary cap and gloves.

However, on the day of the crime, the victim was caught at the scene by a station attendant who pressed the toilet emergency bell.

This is TV Chosun Ahn Yun-kyung.

Victim’s family “There is no sign of Jeon Joo-hwan’s remorse … Severe punishment is called for”

Bank employee suspected of voice phishing blocks ‘withdrawal of 17 million won’

The family of the victims of the Sindang-dong murder case urged severe punishment, saying that the criminal Jeon Joo-hwan did not reflect at all in the previous criminal trial. Jeon Joo-hwan tried to withdraw up to 17 million won left in his account on the day of the crime, but was stopped by a bank employee who suspected ‘voice phishing’.

This is reporter Im Seo-in.

Jeon Joo-hwan found a bank near his house in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul around 1:00 pm on the 14th, eight hours before the crime.

He tried to retrieve the 17 million won deposit in his bankbook at once, but was stopped by a bank employee who suspected a voice phishing withdrawal. 

When the employee asked for a confirmation currency with his family to withdraw the deposit, Jeon Joo-hwan gave up the withdrawal.

Police believe that he declined the call and gave up withdrawals because he feared that his movement would be exposed. 

During the police investigation, Jeon Joo-hwan stated, “I tried to leave the money left in the bank account with his father in case he would be arrested.”

The bereaved family held a press conference and called for strict punishment.

Jeon Joo-hwan has shown no sign of remorse during the trial. The victim’s side said, “If the sentencing is tomorrow, it will all be over.”  

Min Go-eun / Legal representative for the bereaved family
“He was a strong and courageous person who said, “I have endured until today because I firmly believe that the judge will give a severe punishment.” 

The police will finish the investigation within today, and tomorrow morning Jeon Joo-hwan will be handed over to the prosecution on charges of retaliatory murder under the Special Act.

This is Im Seo-in from TV Chosun.

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