Raindrops everywhere

[Weather] Raindrops everywhere… Jeju-Yeongnam Typhoon Affects Next Week

Currently, it is raining and stopping mainly in the central region. The rain will continue until dawn tomorrow, and the precipitation will exceed 60mm, especially in the west coast of Gyeonggi and northern Gyeonggi.

Typhoon No. 14 ‘Nanmadol’ is located in the eastern sea of ​​Okinawa. We are still moving northwest with a strong force, and we will land near Kyushu, Japan, early next week. like this Ro deflects the Korean Peninsula, Jeju and Yeongnam coasts will be directly affected by typhoons.

There will be strong winds and rains from Sunday to Monday, so be careful about safety accidents.

In the meantime, a heat wave advisory has been issued for the western area. It is very unusual for mid-September, but the hot weather will continue on the weekend as the daytime temperature rises to around 30 degrees.

It was the weather.

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