Sindang Station Murder Case

‘Sindang Station Murder Case’ Victim’s younger sister “The Seoul Transportation Corporation also killed my sister”

“Suspect, co-worker who stalked

the day before the sentencing

Suffering from threats to distribute illegal footage

Dudoon, the ‘good person’ perpetrator of colleagues

Responsible for construction that lacks protective measures”

“I would like to see that such a problem exists within the Seoul Transportation Corporation. Not only in construction, but also in other places like this (sexual violence).”

The younger brother of a female station worker in her 20s, who was killed by a knife wielded by a man stalking her in a bathroom at a subway station, met with a reporter at a hospital funeral in Seoul on the 15th and said this.

The suspect, a 31-year-old woman, stayed at Sindang Station on Seoul Subway Line 2 for about an hour and 10 minutes at around 9 pm the day before, followed and killed the victim while patrolling the women’s bathroom.

Mr. A pointed out the reality of insufficient protection of victims, such as sexual violence and secondary assaults in the workplace.

He said, “The staff did not know that (the victim) was my sister, and said, ‘The person (the perpetrator) is a good and good person, who reported it?’ Then the staff killed her sister once.”

She continued, “My sister is a victim, but it is very upsetting that she has no place to talk because she has been hurt even among trusted people and employees.”

On October 13, last year, when the police notified the start of the investigation, the KTO dismissed Jeon from his position. However, there are criticisms that the government’s response was poor, such as whether the measures to separate the perpetrators from the victims were properly implemented.

The victim’s relatives also told reporters on the same day, “(Relevant organizations) will be able to discuss the funeral process.

After they come up with a way to handle the case that the bereaved family can understand and implement it.” “I heard that her nephew didn’t tell her parents (about the stalking damage), but told her cousin sister that a man was stalking him and he annoyed him and called the police for help.”

He continued, “It is necessary to work in pairs of two (station staff) during vulnerable times. I think it was too easy to say that there was no manual until now,” he said.

Jeon, the victim and his motive for joining the Seoul Transportation Corporation, was charged with violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act on October 7 last year due to the victim’s accusation, and on January 27 of this year on charges of violating the Act on Punishment of Stalking Crimes, etc. each was charged

On October 7, last year, the police applied for an arrest warrant for Jeon, but the court rejected it. The police registered the victim in the Personal Protection 112 system for a month. However, no provisional measures, smart watch payments, or linked patrols were taken. Police said no action was taken because the victim did not want it.

Jeon, who was being tried without detention, committed the crime a day before his sentencing.

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