Squid Game Full Season 1

Squid Game – Full Season 1 Review

456 players. 6 rounds. 6 deadly games. And 1 victor. Welcome to Squid Game, the brand new deliciously darkish K-drama on Netflix. With fascinating characters, an creative aptitude and lots of hectic segments, this 9 episode collection squeezes truly the entirety it can out of its run-time.

The story right here facilities on Ji-Hun, a man down on his good fortune and struggling to make ends meet. He’s thousands and thousands in debt, owed to each loan sharks and the bank, some thing that’s solely made worse by means of a especially nasty playing addiction.

When a mysterious businessman provides Ji-Hun a way out from that lifestyles though, he takes it with each hands. The solely hassle is, this provide is pretty actually a count of existence and death.

Played out as a combo of Takeshi’s Castle and Alice in Borderland, Ji-Hun and the different 400+ contestants quickly study that they’re caught in a lethal sport that will fee them greater than money.

As the episodes progress, greater characters come to the foreground such as the charming Player 001, mob boss Deok-Soo and Ji-Hun’s friend, Sang-Woo. Much like different high-stress suggests of its kind, Squid Game excels thru its use of character.

Over the path of 9 episodes, every and each and every one of these guys alternate and evolve. Sang-Woo takes a darkish path, Deok-Soo will become ever greater determined whilst Player 001 stays an enigma. There are additionally personnel individuals attempting to make a rapid buck, instigating shady offers with players, whilst a detective has his very own agenda for being on the island.

Ji-Hun even though is the central personality here, and thru him we see all six of these lethal video games play out – which cease up as the focal factor for a good deal of the tension.

Without giving away any spoilers, there are some deaths alongside the way that are definitely brutal. However, they by no means sense like distasteful torture porn like some of the later Saw movies did. Instead, Squid Game certainly makes use of its violence as a platform to inform a large story about society and the unsafe consequences of spiraling debt.

It additionally subtly highlights the developing hole between the prosperous and poor, whispered superbly thru a monologue for the duration of the closing episode. This without a doubt helps to tie the whole thing together, displaying the huge division between the loads caught in the rat-race of every day existence and the few dwelling the excessive existence at the top.

I’m being cautious now not to provide away any spoilers here, however whilst the video games have a definitive conclusion, the show’s large storyline does not. The remaining scene of the exhibit leaves the whole lot on a tantalizing cliffhanger equipped for a feasible follow-up season.

Aesthetically, Squid Game appears certainly fantastic. The vibrant hues and trippy visuals distinction so properly towards the gnarly and darkish nature of the games. This feeds into the soundtrack as well, which makes use of a combo of ambient minor strings to heighten the anxiety at some stage in video games and some unsettling tracks whilst every persona is in isolation or reflecting their subsequent preferences in the dormitory.

There have been an abundance of exceptional Korean dramas this yr and Squid Game is no exception. While this does unashamedly borrow factors of Alice in Borderland and Liar Game, Squid Game arguably stands above these thanks to its daring aesthetic alternatives and twists – which each experience ripped proper from the excellent Black Mirror episodes.

Squid Game is pretty virtually brilliant. It’s a mature, raw, edgy exhibit that manages to depict lifestyles or demise video games in a practical and brutal manner. And but thru it all, it additionally manages to tell a lots large story about the prosperous and poor, how the negative are pressured to do the whole lot they can to attempt and break out their debt-ridden lives whilst the wealthy stay in luxury. This is one exhibit you surely shouldn’t leave out this 12 months and Squid Game is certainly going to be a big success for Netflix.

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