Taking over the stage with an unconventional break

Taking over the stage with an unconventional break… ‘Kanbu’ Oh Young-soo’s follow-up dance topic

Actor Oh Young-soo’s dance video after the Emmy Awards is a hot topic. In the released video, Oh Young-soo performed an unconventional breaking dance and received cheers from those around him.

American writer Mina Harris posted a 35-second video on her Twitter on the morning of the 13th (local time) with the caption, “O Yeong-su cutting it UP”.In the video, Oh Young-soo is dancing surrounded by people. People standing around Oh Young-soo responded to his dance with shouts and applause. Oh Young-su responded to the cheers and raised his hand.

When the video was released online, explosive reactions such as “Oh Young-soo ripped the stage” and “I thought it was a synthesis” continued. (Video source: Meena Harris Twitter)

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