Tale Of The Nine Tailed

Tale Of The Nine Tailed – Episode 16 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Episode sixteen of Tale Of The Nine Tailed starts with Yeon and Imoogi falling into the River. The latter crumbles and dissolves into nothingness whilst Yeon manages to grasp onto his cognizance a little bit longer so he can hear Ji-A crying. He bemoans that the love between a fox and human usually ends this way. As he turns and disappears, it appears like Yeon has gone.

The virus that plagued Korea has disappeared too and whilst the majority of human beings celebrate, Ui-Ong returns to a fully-recovered Taluipa (how?) who bemoans that she was once unable to retailer Yeon. Ji-A indicates up at the door, banging and knocking whilst ready backyard and hoping to be let in.

Ji-A sooner or later heads inner and tries to plead with Taluipa to keep Yeon and deliver him back. She refuses to do so though, telling her there arfe regulations in this world and even she won’t be capable to spoil them to reincarnate Yeon. Still, that doesn’t end her ringing the afterlife a couple of instances to attempt and alternate their mind.

Rang in the meantime falls into a depressive nation of grief as he struggles to be aware of what’s happened. Despite Yu-Ri and Soo-Oh’s fine attempts, he actually ushers them away. Shin-Joo heads over and tries to speak to him instead, snatching the wine bottle from Rang’s arms and telling him to get it together.

It turns out he has a video from Yeon and as Shin-Joo palms it over, we see a genuinely touching message about household and how tons Rang has to provide the world.

Afterward, Ji-A and Rang do their great to go on however each discover solace in remembering Yeon and his quite a number quirks. As Ji-A mentions she’s going to write a book, “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed”, they alternate testimonies about what Yeon was once like.

Elsewhere, Shin-Joo proposes to Yu-Ri after singing her a track with his guitar. She accepts of course, and everybody is there to rejoice with them which include Ui-Ong and Hye-Ja.

6 months later Ji-A finishes her Tale Of The Nine-Tailed story. It takes place to be Ji-A’s birthday too and her mother and father get her a pink scarf (another nod towards Goblin!) and a present from Yeon. That present occurs to be a lovely white wedding ceremony gown and a liter about their time together. Inevitably, Ji-A breaks down crying at the give up of the note.

Rang and Ji-A each meet and observe the fortune teller with his pop-up tent from earlier than has returned. They head internal and query whether or not it’s feasible to reincarnate Yeon. Rang and Ji-A strike a deal to attempt and make this a reality.

In order to do so though, they’ll want to convey him some thing valuable. Ji-A asks whether or not her recollections of Yeon are precious ample however when that fails, she as a substitute provides her very own existence in change for Yeon’s. Rang refuses to hear and rather gives his personal life.

Despite having a family, he offers himself over and makes a simply selfless act to store Yeon. The solely aspect left when they disappear is a photograph of Rang and the others as his history photo on the phone.

At work, Ji-A heads out into the rain however one of the personnel palms over a crimson umbrella — Yeon’s purple umbrella – and tells her that whoever exceeded it over did so 5 minutes prior. As Ji-A heads into the rain, she appears throughout the street and finds Yeon alive and well, having been reincarnated however as a human alternatively now. And armed with the equal face and memories.

After spending the night time together, Yeon watches Shin-Joo’s wedding ceremony video and notices how caring Rang is towards Soo-Oh. Not lengthy after, he meets Shin-Joo and the two talk about what it’s like for him being human now. As they talk, the dialog inevitably turns to Rang, the place Shin-Joo admits how distraught the fox was once after Yeon’s death.

As Shin-Joo arms over his phone, one closing recorded message takes place to be there from him. His last message towards Yeon confirms his sacrifice and he struggles to maintain again tears as the quit approaches. He hopes they meet once more and calls Yeon his brother.

This closing goodbye paves way for Yeon to say goodbye to Taluipa one extra time too earlier than marrying Ji-A for real.

Life goes on and Yeon struggles to deal with human life. When a boy falls off his bike, he reminds Yeon of a young Rang and believes he’s been reborn into this child.

As rumours of the Spirit off Misfortune spread, Rang heads out with his crimson umbrella and all of sudden wields a sword. As his eyes glisten orange it looks he has his fox powers after all.

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