The Silent Sea Season 1

The Silent Sea Season 1 Review – In Space, no one can hear your disappointment

When Alien launched returned in 1979, it modified the face of horror forever. This movie nonetheless holds up to this day, thrusting a bunch of misfit astronauts into an not possible scenario and leaving them to parent it out.

Since then there have been many efforts on each the huge and small display screen to emulate that. More recently, Origin and Nightflyers have each tried (and failed) to seize the essence of Alien however no one has managed to clutch keep of what it absolutely ability when “in space, no one can hear you scream.”

The Silent Sea then is a specially bitter tablet to swallow due to the fact for the first four episodes, it does experience like a non secular successor. Creepy, unnerving and rather atmospheric, The Silent Sea has glimmers of Alien proper the way via its run-time however alas the 2nd half of falls apart.

The story right here takes region in the future, with Earth struggling from a lack of water. People are getting ill, what little water left is being rationed off, courtesy of a classification system, and there appears to be little hope.

skinny glimmer of mild at the give up of the tunnel comes from a planned mission to the moon, intent on retrieving a pattern from an deserted house station and bringing it again safely to Earth. Fronting this mission is amazing astrobiologist Jian. She’s joined by means of Captain Han, Doctor Hong, Lieutenant Taesuk and a total bunch of different characters.

When they finally make their way onto the area station, they quickly recognize that matters are now not what they seem.

The Silent Sea excels for the duration of these quiet chapters, with long, drawn out photographs of darkish hallways and slowly drip-feeding the mystery. The logical jumps at instances are nevertheless eyebrow elevating however now not to the factor of shattering your immersion. That is, till late on in the recreation when secrets and techniques are unveiled.

Now, I won’t go into specifics right here however the whole thing from cloning and double-crossing marketers are thrown into the combine and personally, it doesn’t work as successfully as it should. The explanations are extraordinarily weak; a half-baked thinking that honestly hurts the show’s integrity.

This susceptible characterization is some thing that cripples The Silent Sea proper the way throughout its run-time. Central pillars like Jian and Captain Han have true arcs, whereas Taesuk simply sorta follows along with anything his orders are.

I do respect that these guys have a mission to do however the early episodes, which see the team break up and drip-feed bits of exposition about their personal lives alongside

the proper mystery, sense organically pushed and show up to be placing a basis for greater rounded journeys. This certainly isn’t helped by means of the reality that this exhibit ends so ambiguously, leaving it up to you to parent out if the astronauts saved Earth or not.

Given the stacked solid going into this one, The Silent Sea will obviously draw the views. Perhaps now not proper over Christmas however after the festivities have died down, I can see this one selecting up a bit of steam. Unfortunately the excellent vibes early on dissipate into a logic-breaking carnival trip that recklessly rockets via its set pieces. It’s nonetheless fun – particularly if you swap off and skip the contrivances and logical jumps – however it’s no longer pretty the nail-biting horror it so effortlessly may want to have been.

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