The Sound of Magic Season 1

The Sound of Magic Season 1 Review – A magical and surprisingly deep drama

“Do you…believe in magic?” These 5 phrases flawlessly seize the essence of Netflix’s most up-to-date K-drama, The Sound of Magic. These are additionally the phrases uttered by means of the enigmatic magician fronting this series, Ri-Eul. But is he absolutely magic? Or is the whole thing one large misdirection?

The Sound of Magic performs with this thought constantly, combining factors of The Miracle on thirty fourth Street, Goblin and Extracurricular, mixing them collectively into a fantastically surreal and distinctly idea upsetting series.

What starts offevolved as a brilliant ride into the world of magic quickly takes a darkish flip as we’re left to query precisely what we’ve seen.

I’m being cautious no longer to go into spoilers right here however suffice to say, The Sound of Magic is a magical series; a wonderful, hedonistic journey boasting robust subject matters at the coronary heart of this one that offers it a proper quantity of depth.

The story itself focuses on Ah-Yi, a terrible faculty pupil who ekes her way thru life, struggling to get by. After her mom leaves and her father goes on the run from loan-sharks, Ah-Yi is left with nothing. Se’s struggling to pay her lease and making an attempt to preserve up with research whilst working part-time. Ah-Yi is in proverbial hell.

Screaming out for help, Ah-Yi’s cry is reputedly answered through Ri-Eul, who encourages her to exhibit up at an deserted theme park for a magic exhibit she’ll in no way forget.

As Ah-Yi approves herself to indulge into this fantastical world, she turns into taken with this man and learns extra about the magical world he adopts. Unfortunately, Ah-Yi’s fellow scholar Il-Deung does now not share her enthusiasm and issues that Ri-Eul may additionally be hiding a darker truth.

I won’t go similarly into the story however the talk has been masterfully crafted to supply little foreshadowed guidelines to what’s going on.

Beyond the floor degree story about magic although is a a whole lot darker theme revolving round stress, societal strain and what constitutes as “normal.”

In this increasingly more digitalized world, we’re beneath greater stress than ever earlier than to painting our pleasant selves at all times. Because of that, these who dare to stand out from the norm or carve a exceptional course for themselves are vilified.

The Sound of Magic performs with that concept to its very core, analyzing and dissecting what it potential to be everyday and how the childlike innocence of our childhood is ripped aside and changed with the aid of studying, working and making an attempt to pay our bills.

These topics are in no way explicitly referred to though, as a lot of this ticks away in the background.

Likewise, we’re additionally now not in reality advised some of the extra urgent questions one may also have about Ri-Eul. While some will be disillusioned by way of this, I in my opinion assume it works virtually properly to hold that charisma of marvel and suspicion, which are the two emotions this exhibit conjures and flawlessly balances throughout its run-time.

What’s mainly fascinating with The Sound of Magic even though is the way this is presented. The total collection is laid out like a musical manufacturing at the theatre, whole with musical numbers, a revealing post-credit sequence (no spoilers here!) and a lot of whimsical and fantastical factors thrown in alongside the way.

Magic hints aside, The Sound of Magic additionally has a smattering of dream sequences, fascinating choreography and some breath-taking pictures of Korea too.

The Sound of Magic won’t be for all people however the sequence does a terrific job fleshing out all of its characters, handing over a easy however high-quality story and layering all of that with notion scary and applicable issues about society and our vicinity in the world.

It might also no longer be the nice K-drama of the year, however it’s in reality one of the greater surprising. This one’s a precise must-watch.

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