The spread of Ahn Sung-ki’s health anomalies

The spread of Ahn Sung-ki’s health anomalies… A close friend revealed

There were rumors about the health of actor Ahn Sung-ki, but it was confirmed that it was not true.

Recently, Ahn Sung-ki has been caught up in rumors about his health. On the 15th, I attended the opening ceremony of ‘Director Bae Chang-ho’s special exhibition’ held at CGV Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

In this regard, Ahn Sung-ki’s aide told this paper, “The health abnormality is groundless. The teacher’s age is 71 years old this year. The natural aging is reflected in the event photo,” and instead reported on Ahn’s health. Her appearance somewhat different from the promotional video for the movie ‘Hansan’, which was released in July, raised concerns.

Ahn Sung-ki, born in 1952, is 71 years old. After the news that he was hospitalized due to overwork in 2020, many fans expressed their support. Afterwards, Ahn Sung-ki said through the broadcast, “(My condition) has improved very much. I have received many calls. Thank you for worrying about me from the people around you.”

Ahn Sung-ki made his debut with the movie ‘Twilight Train’ in 1957, and has been steadily working on films such as ‘The Maid’, ‘Whale Hunt’, ‘There is nothing to see’, ‘Silmido’ and ‘Radio Star’.

Reporter Dabin Woo 

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