The story of Songhae

The story of Songhae that everyone knows but no one knows

On EBS 1’s ‘Knowledge Channel e’, which will be broadcast at 12:30 am on the 23rd, we will once again recall Song Hae, who passed away in June. He is a well-known national MC that is familiar to all men and women of all ages, but his story that he did not know remains.

Song Bok-hee was born in 1927 in Jaeryeong, Hwanghae-do. During the Korean War, he escaped to South Korea alone, separated from his family, and lives under the name of ‘Songhae’. Since then, Song Hae has been active as a comedian and host, and has made his name known to the public as a broadcaster loved by everyone.

But behind his warm smile, his longing for his hometown and the regret that he couldn’t support his son’s dream is hidden. I commemorate Song Hae, who always delivered comfort and laughter despite the twists and turns of 96 years of life.

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