Tomorrow Season 1

Tomorrow Season 1 Review – Glimmers of brilliance in an otherwise mediocre k-drama

Tomorrow is fairly of an enigma. On the one hand, this sci-fi K-drama is a kooky episodic thriller, tackling severa distinct instances and diving into the whole thing from intellectual fitness and melancholy via to place of business bullying and corruption. There are some real tear-jerking moments dotted at some stage in the sequence and a lot of resourceful thoughts performed with.

At the identical time, Tomorrow now not solely botches its worldbuilding, it does so with so many questions that – if you end and assume about any of it – spotlight serious flaws that undermine what’s happening. And to make things worse, the central solid don’t without a doubt have all that lots chemistry and experience awkwardly contrived collectively throughout the run-time.

But what is Tomorrow clearly about? Well, the show facilities on a man referred to as Choi Jun-Woong who bumps into a couple of Grim reapers one night, referred to as Koo Ryeon and Ryung-Gu.

They’re section of a group specializing in saving suicidal people. When their trendy goal jumps off a bridge, Jun-Woong follows, solely to discover himself slipping into a coma. His unconscious spirit ends up becoming a member of the Crisis Management team, the place he’s whipped up on this adventure to keep unique suicidal people.

The real premise isn’t too terrible however as the episodes progress, Tomorrow throws up a wide variety of special plot units that have serious ramifications for the relaxation of the show. In one of the episodes, Ryeon makes use of a key to go returned in time and end someone’s demise in order to shop a suicidal man in the present… and then in no way makes use of that again. It’s akin to the Time Turner in Harry Potter being thrown in and then definitely abandoned.

Time tour is a intricate aspect to add to a story at the fantastic of times

and until you have some thing wonderful easy like Again My Life or deep and complex like Dark, it feels absolutely unnecessary. It additionally diminishes all the anxiety due to the fact these guys can simply leap returned in time and attempt once more if they fail.

Not solely that, however the Reapers have a strict code of behavior that they break, constantly. One of their guidelines is to “not intervene in human affairs.” which is a contradiction unto itself given they’re stopping human beings from committing suicide.

Ignoring that for a 2d though, one case is resolved with the aid of seeing Ryeon curse a boss by using giving him belly troubles for the relaxation of his lifestyles each and every time he badmouths others. While amusing, it additionally breaks that aforementioned rule about human affairs. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it definitely made him suicidal in the future? But simply like the magic time tour device, it’s by no means referred to again.

While some of the instances are resolved superbly – specially one spotlight involving a warfare vet – others experience disingenuous and at its worst, lack a quintessential grasp of one-of-a-kind issues. One case sees a bulimic girl “cured” with the aid of ingesting cake with a barely obese woman, who claims that “eating isn’t bad, I love my physique and you need to too!” Look, suicide is an extraordinarily complicated concern and truthful play to the writers for making an attempt however now and again the exhibit feels like it bludgeons its way into a magical solution.

Oh and there’s additionally a suicidal canine that can discuss to the Reapers, due to the fact of path there is

These components of the exhibit are notably irritating and it’s now not helped that Tomorrow’s central forged don’t gel properly collectively at all. There are some virtually terrible tries at injected comedy to lighten the mood, from time to time proper in the center of a aggravating or poignant moment. They additionally nearly continually fail to hit their mark. Not solely that, however when the exhibit ultimately does exhibit the backstory for these characters, it nearly feels like a exceptional story altogether and arrives way too late in the game, with the remaining three or four chapters exploring this.

There are glimmers of brilliance in this collection and some truely well-worked segments that deserve to be watched. The aforementioned struggle vet episode is arguably the first-class chapter of the total show. In fact, the writing right here is surely on par with My Liberation Notes, one of 2022’s pleasant K-dramas. These moments although are drowned out through inconsistent worldbuilding, plot contrivances and terrible characters.

Ultimately, Tomorrow is a bit of a combined bag. Yes there are some golden moments however overall, as a collective whole, this one is disappointingly shallow and ought to have been so plenty more.

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