K-drama “Tomorrow” addresses controversy over malicious use of BTS’s V and Jungkook: “Just random numbers”

The statement made by a rep of “Tomorrow” is enraging BTS fans even more.

MBC’s Fri-Sat myth drama “Tomorrow” has issued a response related to the controversy over BTS V’s actual identify Kim Tae Hyung and Jungkook‘s date of delivery being used in a listing of the deceased in a latest episode.

An legitimate from “Tomorrow” advised News1 on May 17th, “(The birthdays on the list) are simply a aggregate of random numbers. There was once no intention.” There is no clarification from the drama crew for the use of V’s actual name.

Controversy lately arose over a scene in episode 7 of “Tomorrow” broadcast on April 22nd. Netizens observed that the birthdates of V and Jungkook, alongside with V’s actual identify seemed on a listing of useless human beings from homicide. Specifically, Kim Tae Hyung, birthday on December 30, 1971 and Kim Yu Rim, birthday on September 1, 1997, have been written on the list. V used to be born in 1995, however his actual identify and date of delivery match. Jungkook’s title is no longer listed, however his birthday is precisely the equal as the lifeless character.

Although this is fiction, such useless use of BTS members’ facts is deemed malicious and disrespectful. Criticism then flooded the bulletin board on the reputable internet site of “Tomorrow” with viewers worrying that the scene be deleted and an apology be issued by means of the drama’s manufacturing crew.

“Tomorrow” depicts the story of grim reapers who information lifeless human beings in the underworld and store the lives of these who prefer to die. It airs each and every Friday and Saturday at 9:55 pm KST on MBC and Netflix.

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