Welcome to Wedding Hell Season 1

Welcome to Wedding Hell Season 1 Review – Short but not as sweet

Welcome to Wedding Hell is the today’s of KakaoTV’s unique K-drama offerings. As with many of its predecessors, it has a low episode be counted (12) with every episode clocking in round the 37-minute mark, which in theory, need to have made it best for a brief and candy binge-watch.

Of course, idea doesn’t constantly translate into practice and Welcome to Wedding Hell is ordinarily unremarkable, and at times, even formulaic to the factor of frustration.

The premise is simple: Can the lead couple, Na-eun (Lee Yeon-hee) and Jun-hyeong (Lee Jin-wook), preserve their untested relationship from falling aside as the trials and tribulations of their wedding ceremony preparations roll in?

The drama introduces these two naïve lovebirds with a notion that nearly goes terribly askew. And it’s a lot of fun. At first, Welcome to Wedding Hell doesn’t show up to take itself seriously, and if you’re a little worried about how these two grownup people have made it via the world consequently far, you nonetheless root for them anyway.

The episodes lose some of this playfulness – the glue maintaining them collectively – as a system that sees overblown arguments stop with shallow, one-sided apologies is mercilessly utilized to episode after episode. Without a sturdy adequate anchor already mounted for the romance, this can make it convenient for audiences to lose sight of why this couple must continue to be collectively in the wake of such toxicity.

To its personal credit, the drama does try to wreck this sample and take us over the height of a necessary relationship turning point,

however the lack of nuance or care utilized right here tends to undermine the effort. Na-eun and Jun-hyeong trip little vast persona growth, and their relationship dynamic does no longer mature in the direction of an totally pleasing conclusion. The saving grace right here is that, when instances are right and if you put your blinkers up to any unresolved verbal exchange issues, they are endearing together.

The secondary solid of characters consists nearly completely of the couple’s mother and father and friends. These characters are flat sufficient that some omit for life-sized cutouts, afforded simply no probabilities to exist backyard of mending Na-eun and Jun-hyeong’s issues. A spotlight does emerge in the budding relationship between their buddies Hui-seon and Min-woo, who are offbeat in their personal separate approaches and a lot of ridiculous enjoyable when together.

Kim Mi-kyung as Na-eun’s mom is, however, criminally underused.

A veteran in the K-drama world, she’s given little display time and a non-existent persona arc. Even so, she’s a balm when she does come to the fore and her relationship with Jun-hyeong’s mom manages to be fun and then later sincere.

Overall, this is the popular of production that I would count on to locate in a respectable internet drama on YouTube. Perhaps this drama would possibly have benefitted from a comparable 10–12-minute episode runtime and greater mature writing. That being said, if you’re searching for some low-stakes fluff, Welcome to Wedding Hell has you covered.

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