‘Won-won lawyer

‘Won-won lawyer’ Namgoong-min, first appearance as a lawyer with a fee of 1,000 won

Namgoong-min first appeared in ‘Won-Won Lawyer’.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’, which aired for the first time on the 23rd, Cheon Ji-hoon (Namgoong-min) made a strong first appearance.

On this day, Cheon Ji-hoon heard the news that a man was jumping on the bridge over the Han River and moved to the scene. Cheon Ji-hoon, who climbed the bridge, said, “I didn’t come to get money.

Didn’t you commission it?” The

man who committed suicide saw a leaflet stating that the commission was 1,000 won while avoiding the creditors and immediately contacted him. Cheon Ji-hoon said, “You’re a real lawyer. I came here because it was hard enough to die,” he said and received a fee of 1,000 won from a man.

Meanwhile, the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘One Thousand Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ is the best in terms of his skills, and ‘God Rain Lawyer’ Cheon Ji-Hoon is the most reliable back of the clients. [Star Today Guest Reporter Park Jung- soo

Jinah Kim cheerleader, what could be so cute and sexy? [Smart SNS]

Kim Jin-ah cheerleader showed off her bikini figure.

Cheerleader Kim Jin-ah posted a photo of her on her own Instagram on the 20th, along with the caption, “Summer bye.”

In her published photos, cheerleader Jin-ah Kim is enjoying her ho-cance.After visiting the hotel pool, he is wearing a white bikini and enjoying water play.

In particular, while smiling with a unique loveliness, he attracted attention by exuding a sexy charm at the same time.

Meanwhile, Jina Kim is active as a cheerleader in Suwon KT Sonic Boom in professional basketball.

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Saudi princess from Korea “Instead of desert oil… Please remember this” [Sejipo]

Haifa Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Princess and Deputy Minister

of Tourism, The key to oil strategy is the tourism industry
Accommodation sharing app and NFT souvenir introduction
Investor matching app to be launched soon
Attract 100 million tourists by 2030

“When you think of ‘Saudi Arabia’, only oil and deserts come to mind? Digital and IT new technologies will come to mind first.”

Haifa Bint Mohammed Al Saud (Haifa Al Saud), Saudi Arabia’s Vice Minister of Tourism (pictured), who visited Korea on the 20th to attend the World Knowledge Forum, asked what comes to mind when they hear the word ‘Saudi’ before an interview with Maeil Business News. As a result of a global survey, ‘crude oil’ and ‘desert’ were the most common answers.

Deputy Minister Haifa Al Saud said, “Saudi Arabia has a beautiful Red Sea, and there are ski resorts where you can enjoy winter sports. Saudi Arabia, which has set ‘preparation for de-petroleumization’ as its national agenda, saying that the future of the country cannot depend on oil alone, started accepting online tourist visa applications from 49 countries around the world, including Korea, at the end of September 2019. 

Except for Muslims who visit Saudi Arabia for religious reasons such as pilgrimages every year, the country has few general tourists, but it is a big decision to develop the tourism industry by increasing the number of foreign tourists visiting for non-religious reasons. 

But no luck. From January 2020, the following year, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread, the global tourism industry suffered an unprecedented crisis that temporarily paralyzed it. However, during this period, Saudi Arabia has begun to turn its attention to digital innovation while encouraging domestic travel.

Deputy Minister Haifa Al Saud said, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saudi tourism industry grew by 500% by creating a Saudi version of the accommodation sharing app and supplying a digital platform to small and self-employed tourism businesses.” Since the permit, 400,000 people have visited Saudi Arabia with this visa, and the goal is to attract 100 million foreign tourists by 2030.

” The keyword to achieve the goal is digital innovation. Vice Minister Haifa Al Saud said, “As the number of foreign tourists increases, interest and inquiries from foreign investors are flooding, so we plan to launch a tourism infrastructure matching app in two weeks.” For example, the government will open a digital platform that can match locals who own land in Saudi Arabia, foreigners who run hotels, and domestic and foreign financial companies in one place so that investments can be made transparently and quickly.

He said, “I handed out non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as souvenirs to the participants of the UN World Tourism Organization Executive Committee held in Jeddah in June, and the responses from the representatives of each country in attendance were very good. I will make sure that I can take what I experienced in the field as it is.”

Deputy Minister Haifa Al Saud is the princess of the Saudi King Al Saud family. After studying at New Haven University in the US and London Business School in the UK, he returned to Saudi Arabia and worked through the Saudi Tourism Authority and Tourism Development Fund.

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